Blind Musician's Metronome

What is it?

A metronome for blind musicians who use a screen reader to read the screen.

What can you do?

You can play all the rhythms of Bounce Metronome Pro and apply all the same sound effects.

It has text versions of all the important graphics in the program, for instance to adjust timing of individual beats in the rhythm etc.

Has convenient keyboard methods for adjusting all the parameters. For example, with Page up and Page down, or Ctrl + Page up and Page down you can adjust any number in the program upwards or downwards with a single key press.

Also quick keyboard shortcuts for the most important controls in each window.

Leaves out the bounce visuals of course. But it does have an experimental "Pitch Bounces" feature which creatse a similar effect in sound.

Where is it?

Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Get the program from the download page.

After you install it, it should start up as the blind musician's metronome straight away - it will do that automatically if you have a screenreader installed.

If that doesn't work for whatever reason, just click on the first button in the main window to set it up. 

This is a button which is almost invisible to sighted users but it's the first thing you notice if you visit the sighted user's version of the program with a screen reader.


You can buy it right away

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Buy now for $29.99 for  Bounce Metronome Pro, or  $9.99 for Bounce Metronome Lite which has many of the same capabilities but leaves out swing, polyrhythms and the more advanced rhythms and features.

With  discounts for education, under 18, retired, unemployed, or if your income is very low when it is converted into US dollars.


Or download your free test drive, and free taster, yours to keep

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For the future

Do contact me if especially keen to see these features programmed.

Speak numbers out loud

For sighted users, there are options to show the balls bouncing as bouncing beat numbers in various counting systems.

So the obvious thing is to make it a speaking metronome for blind musicians, to count out the rhythm. I know how to do that and plan to program it when I get the time.

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Pitch Bounces

This is an experimental equivalent to the visual bounce.

I've added it to Bounce already, but needs a bit more work.
The visual bounce lets you see when the next beat is about to begin and is very useful for keeping exact time, also for swing, and other rhythms with irregular beat patterns, or tricky rhythms such as polyrhythms.
The pitch bounce is a pitched noise sound that rises and falls, falls to hit the beat just like a visual bounce.
It also gets louder as it approaches the beat.

Where to find this experimental feature

You can find it if you go to Parts, and then choose "Add melodic instruments, tune, beeps and harmonic metronome".
You can then find it in the Parts menu drop down.
Quickest method though is to just use its keyboard shortcut Control + 95 for the pitch bounces and Control + 96 for the volume bounces.
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Bounce Metronome follows Microsoft's accessibility guidelines as far as possible. It is tested with

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