4/4 with eighth notes Conducting pattern

4/4 with eighth notes Conducting pattern

“Its secret is ... a ‘gravity bounce’ that feels like having your own conductor to help you keep in time...” Martin Walker, PC Notes, Sound On Sound Mag., 2010

Like a conductor's baton, the visuals help you play every note in time. Also they help you to see instantly where you are in the measure at any time, again like following a conductor.  How does this help?

Bounce Visual Effects Follow the ball and anticipate the beat, find out more »

Conducting Patterns See the rhythm clearly as you practise, find out more »

Beat and Sub-beat Counts Ways of displaying beat counts, find out more »

Silent Metronome Shows beat precisely, no need for sound, find out more »

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Bounce Metronome's many innovative 'bounce' features help you to see the rhythm easily at a glance - and to play exactly in time with it.

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