Features Overview for Bounce Metronome

Buy Bounce Metronome now and take your metronome practise to a new level. Not sure whether to get the Lite or Pro version? Here is a summary of the rhythm, tempo, bounce and sounds features.

I've just mentioned a few of the feaures of the Pro version here. For a more detailed overview see the next page, Amazing rhythms and tempo features

Rhythms Features

Lite Version
Any time signature with subdivisions

  • All time signatures including odd
  • Any number of subdivisions

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Bounce Features

Pro Version

  • Bounce visuals to help keep time
  • Conducting patterns
  • Beats and subbeats count
  • Silent metronome

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Lite Version

  • As Pro version

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Sounds Features

Pro Version

  • Beat and subdivision accents, including jazz accents and syncopation
  • Rhythm auto-accents
  • Individual instruments for beats, subdivisions or each rhythm in a polyrhythm.
  • Chord progression accompaniment
  • Stereo panned sounds following the bounce visuals
  • Midi output lets you use it with VSTi, sound fonts, etc
  • Fractal Tunes

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Lite Version

  • As Pro version, but no auto-accents

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Comparison table

This table in the wiki shows some of the main Basic and Pro features and also summarizes the accessibility of the various features for blind and deaf musicians.

Comparison table for some of the main features (in the wiki)

Youtube Video

Pro feature 5:3 polyrhythm
(3D bounce, bounce inside oval)