The Rhythms of Bounce Metronome Pro

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Some of the many ways you can make rhythms in Bounce Metronome

Bounce Metronome Pro  is a powerful tool for exploring almost any rhythm you can imagine. First, you get:

Any time signature, any number of subdivisions, including odd time 5/4 etc Find out more » (this is also included in Bounce Metronome Lite)

Or pick the ‘Professional’ setting, the Bounce Metronome “uber metronome”.  

You can choose to specialize down to one of the following main rhythm features (in a drop down list in the main window),:

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4/4 with light swing Find out more »

Swing - full range - or a gentle Lilt Find out more »
Drum & Dance, and enter rhythms in music notation Find out more »
Polyrhythms, including polyrhythm cycles Find out more »
Polymeters & Rhythm Phasing Find out more »

Additive Rhythms like 2+3+2 / 8 and 4/4 + 7/8 Find out more »
Flamenco Circle Rhythms Find out more »

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Paradiddle Find out more »

 Harmonic Polyrhythm Find out more »
Theremin's Rhythmicon  Find out more »

Tap Out a Rhythm  Find out more » 
Fractal Tunes - hear your rhythm as a tune  Find out more »
Bounce on Lyrics Find out more »  

Or you can mix rhythms together, if you wish, as polyrhythms, additive rhythms, or polyrhythm cycles.

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Demo of some of the many polyrhythm capabilities of Bounce Metronome Pro  Find out more »


You can then add any number of subdivisions to any of the rhythms, with swing, and auto accents, or accent and skip beats, or adjust timing of any beat. Professional Find out more

Also, take a look at the special Bounce Metronome tempo, bounce and sounds features. 


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Flamenco Compás sixteenth notes and gradually changing tempo Find out more »

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