Free Beginner's Bounce Metronome

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4/4 bounce in conducting pattern
(3D bounce, baton, conducting patterns)

A free bounce metronome to play all the most commonly used rhythms. It's yours to keep after the download, whether you buy or not.

Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Pick ‘Free Taster’ from the drop-down list in the main window

What does it do:

Plays the most commonly used rhythms 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 and up to 4 subdivisions e.g. to play sixteenth notes. It also has a simple "Drum machine" for more complex rhythms.

You can also accent and skip individual beats, and adjust the timing of any beat. Has all the sounds of the Pro metronome, and all of its bounce visuals features.


A taste of what you can do with the free taster in Bounce Metronome:

Do you want to see more of these? See >Video gallery with more videos.

Your free taster Bounce Metronome can play most of the rhythms a beginner musician needs including just about all the rhythms of classical music and the rhythms of most popular songs.

Or download your free test drive, and free taster, yours to keep

Download your free taster bounce metronome, yours to keep,

The download also includes your 30 day Free Unrestricted Test Drive of all the Pro features.

Mac and other users - please see the Mac, Mobile and Multi-Platform FAQs.

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Youtube Video

Find out what you get in the Free Taster and how it works

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Who is it for?

Of particular interest to these musicians: Beginner musicians

The 'free taster' is fine as your first Bounce Metronome for a beginner musician. For many users, especially amateur musicians (apart from drummers who are likely to need a more advanced metronome), this will cover most of your metronome needs.

Later you may want to upgrade to the paid for Basic or Pro versions of Bounce Metronome which have many more features.

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What gets left out?

Tempo features:

The Basic and Pro versions have gradually changing tempo, useful for speed drills or for practising smooth tempo changes.

With the free taster you can adjust the tempo by hand and it is easy to do that while practising using the arrow keys - but it won't adjust itself automatically.

The Basic and Pro metronomes have the  'Play then Silent' feature - useful to help you develop your inner sense of tempo independent of the metronome. This used to be left out of the free taser, but it is now included in the free taster as well!


You are limited to the preset rhythms, with none of the odd time signatures or the vast range of rhythms of the Pro metronome. You can't change the number of beats in a part or the number of parts by hand. You only have the preset rhythms.

Swing and auto accents:

The 'free taster' doesn't have these. However,  you can adjust any of thebeats individually yourself by hand (ether with click and drag or as numbers for the amount of the accent and the lengths of the notes)..

Other differences:

There are many other Pro features, but perhaps the ones listed here are the ones most likely to be of interest to a beginner musician. You can find out more if you look in the Pro section of this website, the features which are only available in the Pro metronome are clearly marked - see Pro Features.

Also in the wiki there is a comparision chart of some of the main features in the Free, Basic and Pro metronomes, also listing accessibility - see Comparison Chart.

But the easiest way to find out what is in the free taster is just to download it and try it out and see what it can do - and you can take the Basic and Pro metronomes for a test drive at any time to find out what they can do.

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Why is it free?

I hope many of you will eventually want to buy the Basic or Pro metronomes. You will find them in the drop list in the main window and can try them out and start a test drive at any time.

Even if you have no particular interest in odd time signatures, polyrhythms or mixed meters, there are other things in the Pro metronome that will appeal to almost any musician.

Why you might upgrade later on

You may want to explore swing. Or you might get it because you enjoy the fractal tunes or the rhythmicon. Or perhaps you want to use the 'Gradually Changing Tempo' features of the Basic or Pro  Metronomes.

Drummers especially are likely to be interested in the drum rudiments and many of the other Pro features.

Or you might develop an interst in odd time sigantures, polyrhythms, polymeters, rhythm phasing and the ohter Pro rhythm features and want a metronome to help you practise them.

Or you might tell your friends

I hope that you will tell your friends about the software - many of the sales are through recommendations of friends. Although you may only need the free features yourself, it is likely that some of your friends, or friends of friends, may want the paid for features.

Just nice to be able to provide something useful for free

And if none of those apply - well you get a great free metronome and I hope you will find it useful and fun. I enjoyed writing this software and it is nice to be able to provide something useful for free for many people.

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