Your Windows Metronome for Musicians

“...their rise and fall incorporates a ‘gravity bounce’ that feels like having your own conductor to help you keep in time. ...”

Martin Walker, Sound On Sound Magazine - review »

Accessible for deaf, visually impaired, and blind musicians

From 2/4 time to complicated polyrhythms - with Swing - or accents - plus lots of clever features such as - go silent  - briefly - or gradually changing tempo - and all with the trademark bounce - Bounce Metronome - software for musicians. “There's something about the bounce that keeps the practicing vibrant. It's a great and fun tool.”, Dan Axelrod - read his testimonial »


Set almost any rhythm - simple, compound and odd time, also swing, drum, polyrhythms, additive...

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Easy to set (unlimited range), with accelerating tempo, go silent briefly, & tap at tempo to set...

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Hear the rhythm clearly, with accents, or separate instruments for every beat. Also chords, fractal tunes...

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Like a conductor’s baton, the bounce visuals help you to play every note in time. Also a silent metronome...

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Beginners find the bounce wonderfully easy to follow.
Professional musicians are amazed by its advanced rhythm and tempo capabilities

The amazing rhythms and tempo features of Bounce Metronome Pro

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Youtube Video

5/4 with bounces in a conducting pattern - one of the rhythms of Bounce Metronome Basic. It has all the usual rhythms of a metronome, see Video Resources

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- You have a money-back guarantee: if it's not for you, return the unlock key within 60 days, and get a full refund.

Prices range from $9.99 for the Lite version (itself already a powerful metronome) to $29.99 for the Pro version with all the amazing rhythms and features. Buy FAQ

If money is short, no problem, you have discounts of 25% to 95% off for education, under 18, retired, unemployed, low income, or if from a country with incomes that are low when converted into US dollars.

As a guideline, the aim of the discounts is that nobody should be prevented from buying Bounce Metronome straight away, just because they are a bit hard up. So, it's "Trust the Shopper" - choose your discount level, and get it at that price immediately.

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Paradiddle - one of the drum rudiments, here played with gradual tempo changes faster, then slower then faster again repeating Find out more »

Or download your 30 day Free Test Drive of all the Pro features, start the test drive at any time after the download. Download includes your free taster bounce metronome, yours to keep whatever you decide.

Can I run Bounce on my Computer / laptop / tablet / netbook?

If you can install normal desktop programs for Windows, you should be fine. It can run on XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and 8.1, but NOT Windows RT 8.1..

Linux users - you can now run Bounce on Linux under Wine - see Aaron Wolf's post: Bounce Metronome now fully functions under WINE!!. and FAQ: Bounce Metronome on Linux using Wine

Bounce can't run on Windows RT 8 or 8.1 (which you get on some tablets) or Windows CE.

Youtube Video

Rhythm phasing, as in the music of Steve Reich: same rhythm in all sixteen parts. The other parts are faster than the first part by 101%. 102%, 103%, ..., 115%. Played on harmonics - find out more »
So for instance, it runs on the Surface Pro but not on the Surface RT.

Also, it can't run on Android, or iPad Also won't run on iPhone, or Windows phone or other mobile devices.

Techy detail: the ARM processors on these devices can't run IBM x86 machine code, which is what Bounce is compiled into. So far, I've not heard of any way around that. It might however be able to run on Intel Macs under Wine some day, because they run x86 code like Linux machines (I hope to work on this in near future).

Please see the Mac, Mobile and Multi-Platfrom FAQs. where you can add your name to a mailing list to be notified of future developments.

On-line Resources

Youtube Video

4/4 : 4/5: 4/3 (Brian Ferneyhough's notation) with gradually changing tempo

These rare rhythms are a much desired feature of a metronome for Math Metal and composers who work with complex polymeters .Unlike normal polyrhythms, the measures as well as the beats differ in size. Played here with pitches based on the harmonic series

Do check out the awesome Video Resources if you can't run it on your computer. You'll find many videos to enjoy, for anyone interested in rhythms, or looking for interesting and challenging exercises for your metronome practise sessions. And many more videos on the youtube channel

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, do check out Many Ways to Use a Metronome - Techniques and Exercises to make Best Use of the Tool

Testimonials, reviews, discussions

“ It is quite simply the most remarkable software for rhythmic music study. Check out the enormous selection of Bounce Metronome demonstration videos which are educationally and artistically valuable on their own merit!...

Bounce Metronome is one of the most absolutely amazing and stunning music programs in existence.

It starts with a deceptively simple idea that is beyond compare: the very best visualization for rhythm ever. Add to this support for complete range of swing, accents, polyrhythms, additive rhythms, huge numbers of options to adjust every detail, and some incredible harmonic just intonation rhythmic fractal evolutionary craziness at the advanced level, and much more” (Aaron Wolf (guitar teacher))

You can read many more testimonials, discussions and reviews - here

Selection of a few of the videos in the Video Resources section of this website

Youtube Video

Is your Tempo Steady? Plays 3/4, then silent., Are you still in the pocket when it returns? It is harder to do than it seems :) Find out more »

Youtube Video

Breathing space animation from Lissajous 3D, and Navigating the pacific by stars wind and waves fractal tune from Tune Smithy

Youtube Video

Symmetrical Massa Im Pippuo with go silent briefly - uses new option Compress tops of bounces towards section midpoint by - from recent blog post

Youtube Video

4/4 - Highlight each beat - with new option to fade at the end of beat - from recent blog post

Youtube Video

Blue Rondo à la Turk for wikipedia article: Blue Rondo à la Turk - more Bounce videos for wikipedia

Youtube Video

Time Signature 12/8 as quarter notes and eighth notes alternating (Compound Time)

Youtube Video

Wow Such Bounce! - Bouncing Doge, with Sleighbells, Santa, & Reindee & Cutie Bird bouncing in 3:4:5:23 polyrhythm - the Cutie Bird does the 23 beats to a measure, quietly for a light continuous sleighbell sound - recent blog post about new capabilities of Bounce Metronome