Metronome for Deaf Musicians and Loud Drummers

Youtube Video

Counting 4/4 with 2 subdivisions

"... their rise and fall incorporates a 'gravity bounce' that feels like having your own conductor to help you keep in time. I found it reliable enough to abandon audio clicks altogether and use as a silent metronome, which also makes it useful for deaf musicians."
Martin Walker, Sound on Sound mini review of Bounce Metronome 

What is it?

Since it shows the rhythm so precisely like a conductor's baton, this is an ideal metronome for a deaf musician. It is also great for drummers who may play so loud they can't hear a click track easily. 

Perhaps you have tried flashing lights and displays before? Bounce is a completely different experience - relaxing, and so precise, it's "like having your own conductor to help you keep in time".

What other visual metronomes are there?

I maintain a list of notable visual metronomes here in the Bounce Wiki, so you can take a look at that and compare the features and see what is best for you..

What can you do with Bounce?

You can mute the sound and use it as a completely silent metronome. It has an amazing range of rhythms including polyrhythms, and has all the most advanced tempo features of a metronome. 

Youtube Video

Polyrhythm 4:3 with bounce inside oval.

You can explore the Video Resources pages to get an idea of the range of rhythms available with bounce visuals.. To find out more about the bounce effect see Bounce Visual Effects

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