Download Bounce Metronome Pro Software for Windows, and Linux - with 30 day test drive and a free beginner's Bounce metronome yours to keep

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Updated: Tuesday 5th February 2019 - Version 4.7 [20 MB]

Metronome to play almost any rhythm - all time signatures including odd, swing, drum rudiments, polyrhythms, mixed meters... Like a conductor’s baton, bounce visuals help you keep good time.... Download your free taster bounce metronome and your 30 day free test drive of all the Pro features.

Click on Download Bounce Metronome to get your:

  • Free beginner's bounce metronome, yours to keep - already a useful metronome for a beginner, with the visually precise and relaxing bounce (what you get for free).
  • Free 30 day trial of all the Pro features, and you can start this trial at any time, you do not have to begin it right away (what you get to try).

You can use the same link for:

  • Download after purchase (same download; unlock it with your new "unlock key")
  • Free update of Bounce Metronome  
    (find out what's new)

If you already have the latest version, to check if you have the latest update go to ? (menu) >> About and compare the date.

Special note for Tune Smithy users - your unlock key will also unlock Bounce Metronome.

Requirements: Any version of Windows (complete), from XP to Windows 10 - Must have the Windows desktop - can't run on the stripped down Windows 10 or Windows RT.

This version can also run on Linux using Wine. Sadly, not available for Mac, Android, Blueberry etc.

You may get a message when you try to install it: like this:


If this happens, click Yes to continue the install.

After the install, if you see strange characters like ± in the main window, instead of musical notes,,see below

Tested virus free, see  the latest scan report


Sadly, not supported for the High Sierra or later, because Apple dropped support of 32 bit apps. See #High Sierra Beta.

If you have an older version of the Mac OSX, you can download the Mac beta here: Bounce for Mac Beta.

See Bounce for Mac Beta download page for the options available for later mac (e.g. run in virtual box, or dual boot to Windows etc)

What to do if see symbols like ± instead of musical notes 

The program uses the Bach musicological font to display music notes. This should be installed automatically. If you find that musical notes are not displayed properly, run the installer again and make sure you choose to install as administrator.

Or click here to download the Bach musicological font, then right click on your downloaded file and choose "Install". Restart Bounce and the musical notes should show correctly.


Problems with the download? Try again here or here - Download FAQs

As with all my programs, Bounce Metronome is spyware and ad free, and your privacy is respected. See. Privacy statement for details. It is also virus free.

Tested Virus Free with Norton, McAffee, Kaspersky etc

It is easy to check a site or a program for yourself. Visit which gives Anti Virus reports from all the main AV companies, including Norton (lised as Symantec), McAffee, Kaspersky, Sophos, AVG, Trend Micro, Malwarebytes etc..

Use their option to scan a url, and then enter the url for the website, or for the file you want to download.

Here is the latest scan report for Bounce Metronome.

Download FAQs

If your question isn't answered here, for friendly support please contact


Are there any Windows operating systems you don’t support?

Bounce Metronome is designed for All versions of Windows XP, Win 2K, Vista,  and Windows 7,

It needs to run on the desktop, so , it runs on the full versions of Windows 8 and 10, but not Windows 8 RT and Windows 10 RT used on some mobile devices.

It is no longer compatible with earlier versions of Windows.The last Win 98 compatible version is 18th May 2009 (a lot has happened since then).

Does not run on Windows RT.

Also not compatible with the Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Pocket PC, or Windows CE you get on a very few now very old mobile devices low budget netbooks. See Windows CE (wikipedia)

If you want a version for a stripped down version for Windows CE, Windows Mobile etc, please add your wish to the Multi-Platform wish list request. But this is a technological issue - the way it is programmed I would need to write a new version from scratch, a major challenge I'm not likely to be able to do in the near future.

Windows 7 starter - an old OS - is also okay  - it is basically Windows 7 with some features disabled

For more about this see For Windows.

Which operating systems does the Mac version run on?

Sadly the Mac version is no longer supported for Hich Sierra, the latest version of the Mac OSX. It will run on earlier versions. You can also run it in an earlier version inside a virtual machine such as Virtual Box.

If you want an earlier version of the Mac OSX to run it, the easiest way is to get a Mac developer's license.

Otherwise the best solution is to mulit-boot your Mac to Windows and get the Windows version.

For details see See #High Sierra Beta on the Mac beta download page

What do I get in the download?

When you start Bounce Metronome, you can choose between the free taster, basic, and the pro features from a drop list in the main window.

When you enter your unlock key then all the features get unlocked permanently - so the same download is used for the purchased product.

I've not had a test drive before. How does it work?

You download a free trial program, and try it out before the purchase. It's rather like test driving a car before you buy it. You can make sure that it is suitable for your purposes and compare it with other products, before you buy it. The details of how this is done varies from program to program.

This system helps both the authors and the users. You get to try the program out first before you buy it. The authors can focus efforts on the programming and support for users, and don't need to pay any extra costs for packaging and distribution. It is also eco-friendly because it completely eliminates the need for CDs, packaging and printed manuals.

The system has many advantages, and is often used for programs nowadays.

Details of how it works with Bounce Metronome

With Bounce Metronome Pro, the same download is used for purchase and for the test drive. Your test drive unlocks all the features for thirty days. During this period you can use the program in exactly the same way as someone who has purchased it.

After the test drive is over, if you haven't bought it yet, then you may be able to continue to use a feature limited version of the program for free.

In the case of Bounce Metronome Pro, there is a clearly labelled free taster which is yours to keep whether you buy the software or not.

After your free trial, the Basic and Pro animations pause every few seconds, and the sound times out after a few minutes, until you buy an unlock key for whichever of the 2 versions you require.

How long does it take to download?

On most broadband connections it takes a minute or so to download depending on your connection speed. With a fast broadband it will only take a few seconds.

It may take several minutes if you have a slow connection. It will take about 15 minutes to download if you are on 56K dial up.

My download didn’t work, what do I do?

This is usually because the download started but for some reason it didn't download completely.

So, if you get an error message about an incomplete download when you run the installer, try downloading again from these alternative locations: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3

Be sure to wait for the download to complete. Just leave your browser open and wait for the program to download completely.


Why do I get messages from Windows when the installer runs?

This is normal, you get messages like this for most software installers these days.

First of all, on Vista or Windows 7 it requires administrative privileges to make shortcuts in the All Programs menu, also on the desktop (if you ask for that), so you may be asked to give it permission to install. You may also get a message about an "unknown" or "unverified" publisher like this:


Unfortunately, I am unable to support this verification initiative in its present form. Few software publishers do, due to the high yearly costs involved in keeping all your certificates up to date with Verisign.

All the programs on this site are adware, malware and virus free. For an independent report, see the McAffee site advisor web safety ratings for - and their Download Analysis. See also the Norton Safe Web analysis.You can also see the Anti Virus results at Virus Total.

Why does it install into C:\Programs on Vista and Windows 7?

If you install it in Vista you may notice that it installs into C:\Programs instead of C:\Program Files - this is for technical reasons to do with the way the hidden virtual store works in Vista.

You can change this to any location you please - but if you have UAC switched on, it's probably best not to install it into the more usual location C:\Program Files.

Amongst issues that can arise if you install  into C:\Program Files are: no longer able to do a clean uninstall, some features may no longer work, and you may save files from within the program and then be unable to find them anywhere on your disk.

Some users prefer to install programs like this into a subfolder of their My Documents. There seems to be no standard place to install programs like this in Vista or Windows 7, so you have to improvise.

For full technical details, and to find out why I chose C:\Programs as the default install folder and haven't followed the three separate folders installation method for Vista and Windows 7, see Preset Install folder for Vista and Windows 7

What does the installer do?

This installer doesn't change any system files or settings. All it does is to

  • Unpack Bounce Metronome and all its files into its folder
  • Add a shortcut to your desktop (if wished) and the Start menu.
  • Optionallly, add the file association for Bounce Metronome rhythms and projects (to make it easy to open files made with the program).
  • Install the Bach musicological font. This is used to display musical notes within the program.

Can you take me through the install step by step?

After you download, wait for the program to run, and you should see something like this screen shot:

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:Install step 1 - license agreement:]]

(this is just an image - so don't click here, click on the installer when it runs)

It rarely happens, but you could get an error message about an "invalid checksum" instead of this screen. If this happens to you, then it is nothing to worry about. Just download the file again using one of these alternative links: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 and try again. The normal reason for this is that the installer file didn't download completely - if you check the file size you'll probably find that it is smaller than it should be.

Review and accept the license, choose Next.

You will see something like this:
(screen shot image only)

Decide whether you want a desktop shortcut, and review the other selections in this window. The file association for Bounce Metronome or Tune Smithy files may be useful - what it does is to let you start up Bounce Metronome with a double click on a saved rhythm.

If this is your first install, make sure you leave the Bach Font selected - it is needed to show musical notes visually within the program.

Press Next.


Glance at the install directory to see if that is where you want to install it - the preset location of C:\Program Files\Bounce Metronome will be suitable for most.

Under Vista, the preset location is C:\Programs\Bounce Metronome - for the reasons see the relevant FAQ above.

Click Install. You will see a progress bar as it installs:


You can use Show Details if interested in the techy details of what it does


Finally click Close, and the installation is complete. Bounce Metronome will run straight away.

After Bounce Metronome Pro starts up, select from the droplist of views in the main window - e.g. the Polyrhythm, Swing, Drum & Dance, Basic or Pro metronome or whatever, depending on your interests.

When you first run the metronome, you may need to adjust the synchronisation of visuals with the ticks which you do in the Bounce Preferences (Ctrl + 220) window.

To run it again in the future, look for the Bounce Metronome icon on your desktop, or go to Start | Programs | Bounce Metronome|Bounce Metronome.

You can delete the installer once you are done - it is only needed to install the program.

Note that if you ever wish to roll back to any particular previous version of Bounce Metronome Pro, all the installers for earlier dates are kept for reference on the Change Log page - this is the equivalent of the download guarantee scheme provided by some software retailers - except that it is 100% free.

This installer is very system friendly. It doesn't change any system files or settings. All it does is to unpack Bounce Metronome and all its files into its folder, and add a shortcut to the program to your desktop (if wished) and the Start menu.


How do I synchronise sound and visuals?

You may need to do this if you notice that the bounce and sound are out of time with each other. You may hear the sound played a fraction of a second after the bounce - delayed by exactly the same amount every time..

To fix this, you adjust the synchronisation in the Bounce Preferences window (Ctrl + 220). Just switch on Set Bounce Synchronisation Delay, and then set the amount of the delay in milliseconds.

For most users who encounter this issue, the synchronisation delay needed is 200 ms. That is, a fifth of a second. This is because on many computers (though not all), the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth (which is the default synth for direct sound) gets set to a high latency of about a fifth of a second.

For more about this see Synchronise Sound with Visuals (in the wiki)

Where do I find the rhythm I’m interested in?

Your starting point is the drop list of views in the main window. For the most commonly used time signatures including odd time signatures, then the Basic metronome is fine. It has a time signature field to enter the time signature of interest.

You can make any of the rhythms if you pick Professional from the drop-down, because it includes all the features of the program. But if you are interested in a particular rhythm such as swing, polyrhythms, rhythm cycles, additive rhythms etc. it is best to start by picking one of those from the drop-down.

So - with most rhythms you should find what you need easily enough. If you have an unusual or demanding rhythm, and aren't sure if it is in the program already or wonder how to set it up - contact me or ask about it on the forums. If not already in the program then it will get added as a wish for the future.

How do I find the Bounce Metronome ‘Help’?

Show the help window with F1. Then leave it open as you use the program.

There are two forms of in-program help:

  • Tooltips when you hover the mouse over a window or control (the tooltip takes a moment or two to appear)
  • More extensive help which appears simultaneously in the Help window

If you don't see help right away - be sure to let the mouse hover for a moment or two over the window or control

There's also a Bounce Metronome Wiki Help with all the help online. It's searchable so may be useful if you aren't sure which window you need.

What other support is available?

There are tutorials and demos in the Bounce Metronome Wiki. There's a Bounce Metronome Forum which you can use to ask me questions or talk to other Bounce Metronome users. Then you can always contact me directly as well for friendly help. To find out more see the Support page.

Are there any Discounts?

Yes, discounts for retired, under 18, students, low income etc. See the Bounce Metronome Discounts page.

Test Drive

How long is the test drive?

It is for 30 days.

When does it start?

The test drive starts when you click on the Test Drive button in the Unlock Window (in the help drop menu).

Are there any feature restrictions?

No restrictions at all, the test drive is fully featured. You can run the program during the text drive exactly as you can run the purchased program.

Can I get a second test drive?

Yes if you need more time to evaluate the program, just contact me. You will get a second test drive. Indeed if 60 days is still not long enough you can ask for a third test drive too. You can also ask for extra test drives in order to evaluate new features. Basically - if you feel you need more time to try it out, just ask and you can get an extra test drive.

You get extra test drives also automatically when the version number of the program changes - which I do from time to time. This gives you an opportunity to try the program again to test new features or the user interface.


How do I update to get the latest features?

Just download and run the installer in the same way you do when you first install the program. This will update the program itself, and leave everything else as it was before.

Details of what happens

All your settings will be left intact, and any files you edited are left as well - it only installs files that are newer than the ones already on your computer.

The program itself always gets updated to the version in the installer whether it is newer or older than the one you have already - this is just in case you want to use an installer to roll back to an earlier version of the software.

Are all future updates really free?

Yes. Your unlock key unlocks all future versions of the software.

I may in the future add extra plugins or other programs that work with Bounce Metronome and you may need to pay for those. But you will never need to pay anything to update to the latest version of the software itself.

How do I find out what’s new on an update?

If you want all the details, visit the Change Log in the wiki to see the latest changes. I also post to the blog from time to time about significant updates.