Beat Boxing Preset

Beat Boxing Preset

Shows the syllables and plays the sounds at the same time

You can use sounds in many ways to help with your metronome practice sessions - to add a bit of extra zest and interest, or to make it easier to work with the metronome.

Accents and Skip Beats To help you hear the rhythm more clearly, find out more »

Instruments Choose separate instruments for every part or beat, find out more »

Beatboxing Syllables Shows the syllables and plays their sounds, find out more »

Chords Use any chord progression to accompany your practice, find out more »

Fractal Tunes Hear the rhythm played melodically, find out more >

You can use accents or different instruments to help you hear the rhythm clearly. Or use chords to accompany your practice. Or with the fractal tunes, you can get a first impression of what the rhythm sounds like melodically.

All these sounds features are included in the unrestricted 30-day free trial of Bounce Metronome. See Download

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