Bounce Metronome Lite - Any Time Signature including odd time, Any number of subdivisions

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5/4. one of the rhythms of the Basic Bounce Metronome
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This is the introductory level Bounce Metronome for only $9.99 (discounts for retired, educational, under 18 etc: 25% to 95% off).

Which rhythms do I get in Bounce Metronome Lite?

  • All time signatures. Includes Simple and compound time (4/4, 6/8 etc).
  • All odd time signatures (7/4, 5/4 etc,).
  • Any number of subdivisions.

What about Swing, and complex rhythms like Polyrhythms?

You need the Pro version for these. See Pro - Swing, Polyrhythms, Drum, Flamenco,...

Which other features do I get in Bounce Metronome Lite?

You get more features in the Pro version such as tempo stepping progressions for speed drills. (Comparison table)

Where is it?

Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome: 

Pick ‘Basic’ from the drop-down list in the main window 

Youtube Video

7/4 conducting pattern

You can buy it right away, with your money back guarantee

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Or download your free test drive, and free taster, yours to keep 

Youtube Video

4/4 with eighth notes (quavers)
Do y
ou want to see more of these? See >Video gallery with more videos.

Or download your 30 day Free Unrestricted Test Drive of all the Pro features - including your free taster bounce metronome, yours to keep,

Mac and other users - please see the Mac, Mobile and Multi-Platform FAQs.

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Video Demo of it in Action

Youtube Video

Demo of the rhythm capabilites of the Basic Bounce Metronome

Note - as you see in the demo, it is possible to make polyrhythms, mixed meters, swing etc. as well. You need to know what to do, and can do it by hand adjustment of parts and individual beats.

But if you are really interested in any of those you will find the Pro version much more convenient with its automatic swing, auto accents and ability to handle many time signatures one after another or together - also lets you enter drum rudiments and other rhythms in music notation.

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Who is it for?

Of particular interest to these musicians: Beginner musicians and those interested in odd time signatures.

It's fine as your first bounce metronome for a beginner musician. For many users, especially amateur musicians (apart from drummers who are likely to need a more advanced metronome), this will cover most of your metronome needs, at least to start with.

Though whatever your level you may well find things to interest and intrigue you in the Pro metronome as well :).

You can buy the Pro metronome later on if you decide to upgrade - there is no upgrade license as such for Basic to Pro since the Basic license is less than a quarter of the Pro license - you just buy the Pro metronome to upgrade.

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What gets left out?

Tempo features:

The Pro version has more features for the gradually changing tempo.


You can only play one time signature at a time with the Basic metronome. You can't combine time signatures together to make polyrhythms or additive rhythms etc.  as you can with the Pro metronome.

Actually, though you can't do it with time signatures in the basic metronome, you can make these complex rhythms by hand by adjusting the numbers of beats per bar in each part or skipping individual beats. You can find out how that's done in the demo. That's fine for occasional use.

If you frequently use polyrhythms or additive rhythms etc, iIt is much easier to make them with the dedicated Pro metronome.

Swing and auto accents:

Doesn't have these though again you can adjust the timing and volume of any of the beats individually yourself by hand.

If you want to explore swing, you need the Swing metronome which is part of Bounce Metronome Pro.

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