How Steady is Your Tempo? - Test With Go Silent Briefly

This exercise is great for encouraging your ability to keep a steady tempo and to help with precision of timing. It is probably harder to do than you expected, if you haven't tried an exercise like this before. These are based on exercises in Mac Santiago's "Beyond the Metronome".

Youtube Video

Is your Tempo Steady? Plays 3/4, then silent., Are you still in the pocket when it returns? It is harder to do than it seems :)

For help with this see the Vanishing Click - Burying the Click -.

If you want an even more challenging exercise, you can try it with longer and longer silences in Bounce Metronome. Or for a less challenging exercise, try clicks decreasing in volume. See Mac Santiago's Diminishing Click and Decreasing Click.


Also, be sure to try the later exercises further down this page - some of the rhythm phasing ones particularly are next to impossible when you first try them :).

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For help with these exercises, see the Vanishing Click - Burying the Click

Play all of these one after another

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You can use Bounce Metronome Pro to practise these and many more rhythms at any tempo, including changing tempo. See its Go Silent Briefly feature