Add videos like these to your own site

All the youtube videos here can be embedded in your own sites. Just double click on the video to go to its youtube page to get your embed code.

The bounce rhythm videos on this website are shared under the sane license as most wikipedia videos - the Creative Commons Attribute Unported Share Alike . 

This also makes them available for youtube mixes. If you visit the video page on youtube you should see a button below the video : "Remix this video!" which lets you do that.

Make more videos like this for your web site

You can also use Bounce Metronome and export more videos like these, for any of the rhythms of Bounce Metronome - at any tempo, or changing tempo. (This export video feature isn't available in the free taster). These videos then are your own creation, you can do what you like with them, no need to attribute.


The sound gets saved as midi which you can convert to audio using any sound font or gig file etc. to add to your saved movie. This lets you use any of the sounds available in sound fonts or gig files etc. for your videos.

Export of the video like this and converting the .midi file is the best thing to do if you want to make sure all the sounds are aligned as precisely as possible to the millisecond.

You can then upload the result to youtube or other video sharing sites - and then embed it on your web site.

Recording the video as you play it.

Alternatively you can just record the video live as you play it on your computer. That's how I did in the various tutorials and demos on this site.

A good way to do that is to use the free tool BB Flasback Recorder.

Do I need to link back to from my videos which I create myself?

No, no link back is required. The videos you create are your own videos to use as you wish. See the Acceptable Use Policy.

The same also applies if you make videos of yourself playing your musical instrument along with Bounce Metronome. There is no need to link back to from your video.

Do I need to link back to from videos which I copy from this website?

If you use any of the videos on this website, then you need to attribute me as the author, as Robert Walker, or just say you got the videos from . If you embed the youtube videos into your website, then no extra attribution is needed since visitors to your website can find out who the author is by following the link through to my youtube channel.

The same applies if you mix the videos on youtube to make your own demos and other features. Attribution is automatic, you don't need to do anything - youtube will put a link to the original below your mix.