Walkthrough of Rhythms and Tempo Features of the Astonishingly Versatile Bounce Metronome Pro

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An introduction to its rhythms

"Quite simply the most remarkable metronome for music study", Aaron Wolf

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Things Useful to Know with Bounce Metronome - Get Started, Projects, Windows,...


A general intro to Bounce, projects, saving settings for a window, Sorry about the slight hum. I used the laptop mike on an old laptop which is why you hear the fan sound and the quality isn't so brilliant.

Tempo dial

This dial is easy and intuitive to use with many features useful for your practice sessions. In the second half then I'm using keyboard shortcuts, it's up and down arrows to move by one notch and left and right arrows to move by one bpm.

see Tempo dial and Features and the Tempo Dial FAQs

Vanishing click - learning to play in the pocket whenever you want to

This is a series of valuable exercises you can use with any metronome, to play , in the pocket whenever you want to, or anywhere else in the beat, in a relaxed and enjoyable way, relaxed precision. However Bounce has many features and presets to help you along the way.


Play list of all these videos: Enjoyment, Relaxation and Precision in Metronome Technique

and check out the The Vanishing Metronome Click - Burying the Click

Other videos:


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