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Hi hat
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1/1 for ratios or cents:


Enter pitches as any of:

  • Hertz, e.g.. 261.625565 for middle C,
  • Note names in scientific pitch notation eg. C4 for middle C etc (use 'b' for flats, # for sharps)
  • Cents with an apostrophey: 350.0'. There 100 cents = one semitone.
  • Frequency ratios use e.g. 5/4 for the interval from the from the foruth to the fifth harmonic - a pure major third.

Cents or ratios give the musical interval for the pitch from the specified 1/1.

You can adjust the rhythms and tempo in Chrome or Firefox. Sadly, it has limited support for Internet Explorer or Edge.

WebAudio Drum Machine 1.0

Tom 1
Tom 2
Tom 3




      Effect Level
      Kick Pitch
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      Hi-Hat Pitch
      Tom 1 Pitch
      Tom 2 Pitch
      Tom 3 Pitch

      Beat Demo

      Save a Beat

      For security reasons, web browsers don't make it easy to save files directly to your hard drive. But to save your beat just copy and paste the data block below into a text file. To load the beat later click the Load button then paste the data block from your text file into the blank window.

      Load a Beat

      Paste the beat data into the blank window below and click OK.




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