Bounce on Lyrics

Shows a ball bouncing on the lyrics as in the early "Car tune" moves and modern karaoke. There is no audio track usually in these examples, usually, though you can use chords as in the Greensleeves Chords example. 

Adding audio to the lyrics

This is the obvious wish for this feature, and it can be done. It is already possible to synchronize an audio track with the lyrics in the beta of Bounce Metronome, this shows the result, something I did for Bruce Kerr who sings the lyrics. In the process figured out several ways to make it a bit easier to do.

Youtube Video

"GO GIANTS GO!" song & follow-the-bouncing-ball graphic

Basically you have to go through the tune and click on the audio track at the point where you want the bounce to go for each of the bounces in the song. It is quite feasible to do this as a feature in Bounce - so long as it's accepted that the user has to do the synchronization manually in this way. However a fair bit more programming is needed before it is presentable enough to release and be reasonably intuitive to use.

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What you can do with this feature

You can use any lyrics you like, and you can also add chords as accompaniment to the lyrics.

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