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Online review by Aaron Wolf, Ann Arbor guitar teacher

"There are countless basic metronome programs (including built-in metronomes...), mobile apps, and websites, but nothing else compares to the phenomenal  Bounce Metronome.

Bounce is Windows-native but has been adapted to work with WINE under GNU/Linux (and maybe also Mac). This is proprietary software, but basic features are available at no charge! For $10, you can get more odd time signatures and additional features, and the full extensive program is a reasonable $30 for a lifetime license. Substantial discounts for education or low income users are available, and there is a 30 day free trial. Also, the license is not restricted a single computer, it is a fair and flexible license. This is as ethical as software can be short of being real FLOSS.

Bounce Metronome provides the  ultimate in visualization for beat with many different features found nowhere else. The visualizations are unparalleled for basic metronome use. Plus, it has support for a huge range of different visual presentations, uneven beats, world-music rhythms, poly-rhythms, complete range of swing, even lengthening of the final beat of each measure (something live musicians commonly do). The power and versatility is mind-blowing. It has full Flamenco rhythm circle options, African drum beats, Afro-cuban beats, all varieties of polyrhythms, and novel things like rhythms connected to the harmonic series. It is quite simply the most remarkable software for rhythmic music study. Check out the enormous selection of Bounce Metronome demonstration videos which are educationally and artistically valuable on their own merit!.
" See: Jam tracks, drum beats, metronomes, tuners, and more

Also see his post to Linux Musicians:


"Bounce Metronome is one of the most absolutely amazing and stunning music programs in existence. It starts with a deceptively simple idea that is beyond compare: the very best visualization for rhythm ever. Add to this support for complete range of swing, accents, polyrhythms, additive rhythms, huge numbers of options to adjust every detail, and some incredible harmonic just intonation rhythmic fractal evolutionary craziness at the advanced level, and much more"..

The software has been developed for Windows over many years and now, after my testing and communication with the developer over a couple months, it is fully functional under WINE!

The program is proprietary, but the terms of the license are exceptionally reasonable. The program is usable forever at no charge for the basic metronome features. The professional features are licensed at $30 for a lifetime license. Furthermore, the developer is extremely friendly and responsive and this is simply every bit as ethical as can be short of being fully FLOSS. There's even discounted license rates for students or third-world low-income users.

Nothing else compares to this and being able to use this without running Windows is a major win for Free Software and GNU/Linux!


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