Programmable Metronome with Automatic Switching of Time Signatures and Tempi (also manual switching with single key press).

Bounce Metronome Feature:
Pro and Basic version

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Time signatures for 51 measures of Stravinsky's "Sacrificial Dance" from Rite of Spring - noted for its complex pattern of time signatures.

What is it?

It is a common feature of many styles of music that you have different sections with different tempi and time signatures. 

What does it do?

  • You can set  up a list of time signatures and other rhythms (as many as you like).
  • You can set the tempo for each rhythm in your list
  • You can set the number of measures to play for each rhythm, and it will go through your list automatically as you practise.
  • Alternatively, move from one rhythm to the next with a press of the up and down arrow keys.
  • Your rhythms can include time signatures with any number of subdivisions, odd time signatures, polyrhythms like 3:2 and additive rhythms like 3+2+3/8
  • In the more complex but more capable Pro version you can also set the instruments individually for each rhythm, and accent and skip beats, and use gradual tempo changes through any of the rhythms amongst other things.

For instance you could set Bounce metronome to play in 4/4 for 8 measures, then 2/4 for 4 measures, and then 5/4 for 16 measures, and set what tempo you want to use for each section. Or, for a more complex example, you could set it to go through all the time signature changes in Stravinski's Rite of Spring (say).

Where do I find it?

Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome? 

Youtube Video

Rhythms Prog: 2/4, 4/4 (2 subs), 3/4 (4 subs), 6/8, 3:5, 3:5 (3 & 2 subs), 3+2+3/4 (2 subs), 4/4+7/8 - mixes many types of rhythm in the progression, the default example

You find a drop down of tempo options Steady Tempo, Simple Tempo Changes, Changing Tempo (Advanced), or both in the main window for most of the rhythm views.

To configure it, for instance to set the rhythms, or the number of measures for each rhythm, go to the Tempo or Rhythm Progressions window in the Tempo drop down menu (also available via button in main window, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 245.)

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  • You can set the number of measures to play for each tempo or rhythm
  • You can show the tempi for the progression in many ways - as Tempo Dial BPM, as Tempo for quarter notes (etc), as a percentage of the first tempo and so on
  • You can select the type of note to use to set the tempo for each rhythm in the progression, for instance quarter notes for the first tempo, eighth notes for the second tempo
  • Step through progressions with UP or DOWN ARROWS
  • "Make Into Script" - makes the progression in a kind of script - actually it's more like a score with "repeat sections" - which you can edit to add new script instructions to it. This lets you change many other parameters at any desired measure in the progression.


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Changing Tempo (Advanced)

For the more advanced version, choose "Changing Tempo (Advanced)" in the main window drop down. Or go to the Tempo Menu and then to Advanced Tempo && Rhythm Changes (With Accents, Accelerating Tempo, Any Rhythm)

Then switch on "Automatic tempo and rhythm changes" if necessary, and switch on "Rhythm to play"

With this version, then you can store any of the Bounce Metronome rhythms into any of the rows.


  • Any Bounce Metronome Rhythm
  • Can set instruments for each rhythm, accents for each rhythm etc
  • You can vary the tempo gradually for any of the rhythms, or keep the tempo steady, as desired

To add a rhythm, highlight one of the rows and choose Store Current Rhythm. To change the accents, instruments etc. for one of the rhythms, then highlight the rhythm, recover it, change the accents and instruments or whatever you want to change and then store it again.

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