Fractal Tunes - hear your rhythms played with an endless continually changing melody line

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4/4 with eighth notes (quavers) as a fractally generated tune with Bounce Metronome Pro

What are they?

Tunes generated using fractals. They are pleasant to listen to - related to the way natural sounds are patterned. Music is often fractal in nature in various ways.

What can you do?

Play an automatically generated fractal tune as a way to hear what the rhythm sounds like when played melodically.

Where is it?

Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Any time you want to make a fractal tune for one of your rhythms, look for the Randomise Fractal Tune! button in the Parts window (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 9).

Or press the randomise fractal tune key F5.

You may need to switch on Add melodic instruments, tunes & harmonic metronomes first, in the Instr. drop down menu.

Another method is to change to the Fractal Tunes view and choose to keep your existing rhythm (answer NO to the reset message).

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It's preset to pentatonic melodies in twelve equal tuning.

However, you can use any tuning system for your tunes including Gamelan tunings, tunings from Indian music, Japanese koto tunings, etc. etc.

Many of those tunings come with many "Arpeggios" to help you find your way about the tuning - like our pentatonic, major, minor, and melodic minor - but there are hundreds of others like that, including a large list of options for the twelve tone scale drawn from Jazz, classical music, Indian music etc.

You can use these tunings with any of the rhythms, and using all the sounds options of Bounce Metronome.

Tune Seeds

The tune is generated fractally using a form of canon by augmentation based around a short randomly generated seed,

You can also try this out yourself. Enter a short musical phrase of a few notes, and then hear your phrase transformed into an endless fractal melody.

Because the tune is fractally generated, it goes on essentially for ever, so you can just leave it running and listen to it as it evolves over larger and larger time scales.

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Tune Smithy Bonus

You may want to try out Tune Smithy - the fractal music generator and microtonal composition tool. It has many more features and a wide range of preset fractally generated tunes for you to enjoy.

You get the Tune Smithy fractal tunes as a bonus feature when you buy the Pro metronome. Find out more from the Tune Smithy Bonus page.

Note - Bounce Metronome Pro has some rhythm features which aren't yet included in Tune Smithy. They will be included in a future update of Tune Smithy. All updates of both programs are free to anyone who has an unlock key.

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