Beatboxing Syllables

Beat Boxing Preset Video

Beat Boxing Preset Video

Beat Boxing preset

What are they?

The syllables spoken by beatboxers, to imitate the sound of various percussion instruments and effects, such as kick drum, cymbals, hi hat, snare etc etc..

What can you do?

Lets you show the beatboxing syllables in the metronome as it plays. Also automatically play the right instrument for each syllable.

May be useful while practising beat boxing to see the syllables and to hear the sounds of the instruments they correspond to.

Where is it?

Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Choose Beats Counting System and Beat Boxing from the Visuals drop down menu. Keyboard shortcut to show this window: Ctrl + 246.

Then use the Set up Beat Boxing Example button to set it all up with an example rhythm to try out.

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Comes with a preset list of beatboxing syllables as used in "Standard Beat Boxing Notation":

b = Kick Drum ! Bass Drum
bm = Kick Drum ! Bass Drum
chish = crash cymbal
p = snare
pf = snare
pff = snare
psh = snare
keh = snare
kuh = snare
t = closed hi hat
tk = hi hat
tsh = ride cymbal
ts = hi hat
tss = open hi hat

When Bounce Metronome shows those syllables for you, it also plays the instrument next to it in the table. It searches for the instrument by name through the instrument menu.

So - you can easily add more beatboxing syllables yourself following the same pattern.

The only thing is - you can only assign sounds to instruments or effects which are available in the instruments menu.

To add new instruments you need to explore use of alternative sound font or sample sets or synths with Bounce Metronome

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