Search term landing pages and Ad landing pages

This is for ads for Bounce Metronome Pro. It's also for landing pages especially designed to help visitors interested in particular search terms.

Ad landing pages

When you do an ad you need a landing page to expand on what is said in the ad. This is especially necessary for short two line text ads like the ones for google search results.

This reasures you, if you click on the ad, that you have landed on the right page.

Search term landing pages

Landing pages can be useful for search terms too, to help visitors to know what the website has to offer for their search term. The search term shows that you are likely to be interested in Bounce Metronome - but perhaps there is no page on the site which will help you find out quickly if it is exactly what you are looking for.

In the website stats I sometimes see stats about users who search for a particular term and I know what they are looking for is here, but they land on the wrong page and just click away.

One way to fix that is to add a new features page for it. So tha't spossible, but if you do that too much you get a lot of duplicated content which can confuse other users not searching for that particular thing.

Similarly you can add it to a FAQ - but the FAQ may get very long and then it is hard for anyone to find anything in it, and again it doesn't work well as a landing page. A landing page for a search term should be short and to the point and tell you exactly where to go in the website to find what  you are looking for. It can also answer any obvious questions related to that search term right away on the landing page so the visitor knows right away if what they are looking for is here or not.

So, often, it may be better to make a new page here in the Promo section, just for users searching for that phrase.

What do you get here?

The pages here just say things you can find in other places on this site. But the idea is to tailor the page to you as the visitor. So it puts the emphasis in different places, highlights different things. This gives you a variety of pages, depending on your interests. Based on details of the ad - or else the page gets picked up by your search engine, based on the search term you use to get to the site.

(The way this works is - the search engines are good at picking out relevant pages on the site so if you make a lot of custom landing pages, you can usually expect the search engine to pick out the best one for your visitor depending on the search term).

This helps you find out quickly whether this is what you want - and where to go next on the site.