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Flamenco Compás "Clock"
/n (3D bounce, drumsticks, inside oval)

What is it?

The Flamenco Compás "Clock" plays a twelve note rhythm accented as 6/8 alternating with 3/4 with eighth notes (quavers). This is also the rhythm of the song "America" in West Side Story. 

What can you do?

You can use this to practice 12 beat Flamenco rhythms. The bounces help you to keep in time and hit the beats exactly and the "clock" like layout helps you to keep track of your position in the rhythm at any time as you practice.

Bounce Metronome Pro can also play 3 and 4 beat Rhythms with accents wherever you like, so you can practice those Flamenco rhythms as well.

3 + 2 + 3 / 4 type

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Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Pick ‘Flamenco Compás "Clock"’  from the drop-down list in the main window

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The Flamenco view is set up to show the twelve beat Flamenco "Clock" layout as balls bouncing inside an oval.

Also it shows the beats numbered starting at 12 at the top of the clock for the start of the measure as is traditional in Flamenco music.

The 3D view, the splashes and bounce squash effects are more than just "eye candy". They are carefully thought out and designed to help you to see the start of each beat easily and precisely with just a glance, as you practise.

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Cue Note

Since different Flamenco rhythms start at different places in the "clock", you can add an extra ball to bounce on the 1, 11, or 8 (or wherever you like) as a cue for where to start the measure.


Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Just select the preset with the cue note you need from a drop list in the main window. Or if you need any other cue notes you can make similar rhythms yourself with music notation.
Do you want to see more of these? See >Video gallery with more videos. 
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The song "America" and its background in Mexican and Puerto Rican music

The song "America" in West Side Story is marked "Tempo di Huapango" (link to pdf) - and derives from Mexican dances such as the "Huapango de mariachi" combined with Puerto Rican rhythms. Related to the Son Jaliscience which has this 3/4 alternating with 6/8. The Mexican dances come originally from Spain, so that's a connection with the origins of Flamenco.

Flamenco Rhythms

Bounce Metronome only has the basic Flamcone Compas at present, so if you want special help with the otherrhythms with a metornome you will need other programs. Where Bounce Metronome scores is that it shows the 12 note "clock" which is the basis for the other rhythms, and shows the beats visually in a particularly clear and precise way, which makes it much easier to keep in time with the metronome.

I plan to add some of the other rhythms to Bounce Metronome later on  (see this discussion at foro flamenco (scroll down to see discussion of bounce metronome's Flamenco metronome)..Do get in touch with me if particularly interested in this. (Note that all updates of Bounce Metronome are free.)

Windows Flamenco metronomes

There are several good Flamenco metronomes which are fully featured with all the various Flamenco rhythms included. 

Compas Flamenco - by Magnus Wang

See also his "An introduction to Flamenco rhythms"

Flamenco Metronome - by Graf-Martinez

FlamencoMetronome.co.uk FREE ON-LINE Flamenco Metronome

FlamencoMetronome.com mp4 clips download (you can vary speed of the clips to vary tempo if you use a variable speed mp4 player).


Other useful links:

Introduction to flamenco : rhythmic foundation and accompaniment / by "Flamenco Chuck" Keyser. A flamenco journey : Canada Council arts grant report / by Suzanne Gravel Keyser.

Wikipedia article on Flamenco

Overview of complex rhythmical structures including Flamenco

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Who is it for?

Of particular interest to these musicians: Flamenco Music.

Also may help for Mexican rhythms such as the Son Jaliscience.

Or for any other rhythms that are based on alternating 3/4 and 6/8 with same eighth note tempo throughout.

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