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Rhythm of Blue Rondo A La Turk. The visual bounces help make it easy to follow, for relaxed precision :)

See home page for intro to Bounce Metronome and reviews

This metronome can play  paradiddles, dance rhythms and other complex rhythms, and show them to you visually as well. The accuracy of the visual bounce makes it easy to follow the rhythms in a relaxed and precise way.

What can you do?

Enter any rhythm in musical notation or choose from one of the preset rhythms.  You can use:

  • Dance rhythms and other rhythms with notes of different sizes - just enter them using music notation as  ♫ ♩ ♪♩. or whatever, and Bounce will play your rhythm.
  • Play those rhythms wih swing
  • Drum rudiments such as paradiddles. 
  • Complex Rhythm patterns played polyrhythmically, for instance. ♩ ♪♩ played in the same time as ♩ ♫ ♩
  • Rhythm Phasing - each part plays  at a different tempo
  • Beat Preserving Polymeters, for instance,y 5/4 and 4/4 simultaneously with the same beat size for both rhythms - so the measures are different lengths, and the two rhythms come back together only occasionally (every 20 measures in that case).

You can use these with any of the Tempo features such as speed drills. Find out more about its Tempo features »

It's also goto support for exercises from Mac Santiago's "Beyond the Metronome" to help with timing and tempo sensitivity. See How Steady is Your Tempo?


A taste of what you can do with Bounce Metronome Pro. 

Youtube Video


Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Pick ‘Drum & Dance’ from the drop-down list in the main window. Then you can try any of the rhythms in the droplist of example rhythms, or make your own ones with the rhythms editor.

Do you want to see more of these? See >Video gallery with more video

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Youtube Video

7 stroke Buzz Roll

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Bounce Metronome comes with many drum rudiments included such as paradiddles, buzz rolls etc.

Do you want to see more of these? See >Video gallery with more videos.

The "swing" feature can be used to make buzz rolls as it bounces faster and faster like the bounces of a less than perfectly elastic bouncing ball - just the same rhythm you get with a buzz roll.

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Youtube Video

Rhythm in 3/4: Eighth note, Eighth, Dotted quarter. Eighth

Can play any rhythm you can enter in music notation.

For the more subtle rhythms such as Latin American dance you can add "lilt" or adjust timing of individual beats by hand.

You can also tap out the rhythm by hand with mouse or space bar.

Soon I plan to add an option to get the rhythm visually interactively from an audio recording as well. The idea is to display the recording to the user as a normal 'waveform', and you click visually at the start of notes to mark out the rhythm.

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You can play any of these rhythms polyrhythmically too, e.g. to play a single paradiddle simultaneously with a double paradiddle and in the same time as the double paradiddle.

Do you want to see more of these? See >Video gallery with more videos.

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You can play any of these rhythms polymetrically too

Do you want to see more of these? See >Video gallery with more videos.

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Try following just one of the parts in the video. Then try following two of them at once one with each  hand. It's harder than it seems.

>> More rhythm phasing examples

In Bounce Metronome you can apply rhythm phasing like this to your rhythms, and silence or play any of the parts, and show or hide any of the bouncing balls to help you to focus on one of the parts.

Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Pick Drum & Dance from the drop-down list in the main window or from the rhythm drop menu. Then select the Rhythm Phasing Example from the drop list. You can set the tempo for each part, e.g. as a percentage of the first tempo, in the More version of the Dance rhythms (Ctrl + 228) window

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Who for?

Of particular interest to these musicians: Drummers. Anyone learning complex rhythms with mixed note values.

It's especially useful as a drummer's metronome, because the bounce visuals are like the motion of a drum stick, and so, easy to follow. Also for any loud instrument, the visual cues help a  lot when the audio cue from the metronome isn't enough to help keep you in time.

It's also sutable for anyone who wants to practise complex rhythms with mixed note sizes and appreicates some extra visual help to learn or follow the rhythms.

If you need help with playing exactly in time with a metronome see Vanishing Click - Burying the Bounce in the bounce wiki

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. These rhythms are especially popular with drummers because by using sticking patterns you can follow two or more rhythms like this simultaneousy without needing to count them individually

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