Beat and Sub-beat Counts

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Counting 4/4 with 2 subdivisions as 1 & 2 & ...

What are they?

Various ways of counting music to help you keep track of the rhythm and where you are in the measure.

What can you do?

You can use bouncing numerals or bouncing number words and choose which counting system to use.

Supports some of the main standard ways of counting music. Including the Eastman system, a couple of traditional methods, and the commonly used method of mnemonic words for each rhythm (rabb-it, el-e-phant etc).

Also you can set your own custom counting system. Includes option to associate an instrument with the word or syllable - see Beat Boxing.


Here are some other rhythms with eighth notes (quavers) swing:

Where do I find it in Bounce Metronome:

Choose Beat Numbers or Beat Number Words from the drop list at top left of any of the bouncing balls windows.

Configure in Visuals >> Beats Counting System (Ctrl + 246)

Do you want to see more of these? See >Video gallery with more videos.

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