Amazing Rhythm and Tempo Features of Bounce Metronome Pro

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"Quite simply the most remarkable metronome for music study", Aaron Wolf

 Tempo features include automatic changes of tempo and  rhythm ("programmable") accelerating tempo stepping progressions for speed drills, and go silent briefly to help with a steady tempo. For more on this see the Tempo tab below,

Rhythms Bounce Metronome goes well beyond a standard metronome. Yes, you can play all time signatures (including odd time signatures) with any number of subdivisions - but you can also combine these rhythms together, for instance  polyrhythmically (all at once, all with same measure size), or with rhythm phasing (play in many slightly different tempi at once),  polymetrically (all at once with same beat size for each) or as additive rhythms (one after another).

You can also set it to play swing (any amount) and uneven beats, and you can use music notation rhythms, including drum rudiments, world music rhythms, euclidean rhythms, and you can set it up to work like a drum machine. You can also do tuplets, nested to many levels, even fragmentary tuplets - and play many rare types of rhythm. Prepare to be astonished by its capabilities! 


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5/4 - one of the rhythms of Bounce Metronome Lite

• Simple and compound time 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
• Up to four subdivisions of each beat

This so far is free. Then you get:

• All time signatures including odd, such as 5/4, 7/4, 11/4 etc
• Any number of subdivisions

This so far is Bounce Metronome Lite - yours for $9.99 (with discounts)

Then, with separate views to make it easy to work with each type of rhythm, you get:

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Paradiddle - here played with gradual tempo changes faster, then slower then faster again repeating Find out more »

• Swing, (full range)
• Drum rudiments such as paradiddles
 Use music notation to make rhythms like ♫ ♩ ♪♩
• Additive rhythms with any number of measures such as for Balkan music
• Flamenco Compás

You also get super -complex rhythms, fun for beginners to explore, and much desired by pro musicians, such as:

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Rhythm phasing: same rhythm in all sixteen parts. The other parts are faster than the first part by 101%. 102%, 103%, ,,, 115%. Played on harmonics

• 4/4 over 4/3 type polyrhythms for Math Metal etc.(Brian Ferneyhough's notation)
• Syncopated polyrhythms as for African music
• The music notation includes  tuplets, including nested and fragmentary tuplets as for the music of Zappa and Ferneyhough.
Polymeters and Rhythm Phasing as in the music of Steve Reich
• 4/4 + 7/8 type additive rhythms for Jazz
• Cycles of polyrhythms as used in Indian music
• The fascinating golden ratio polytempi - which never repeat exactly, - the "most polyrhythmic" rhythm you can get

Find out More about Bounce Metronome Pro's Rhythms » 

All this is included in Bounce Metronome Pro

You get all these rhythms for $29.99 (click here to buy).  

You can get discounts of 50% to 90% off if you are in education, under 18, retired, unemployed, or if your income is very low or you come from a country with low incomes when they are converted to US dollars. 

It's "Trust the Shopper" - choose your own discount and get it right away at that price.

Can Bounce run on my laptop, desktop or tablet?

  •  Bounce Metronome is for full Windows. If you have XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, you are fine.

  • Bounce also runs on Linux under Wine.

  • Windows RT or Windows Phone - sorry it can't run because it needs the desktop. So for instance, it can run on the Microsoft Surface Pro but not on the Surface RT.

  • Mac, Android, and other users - Not now, sorry. It might be possible to run it on an Intel mac in the future using a WineSkin.

     There doesn't seeem to be any chance of running it on Android, iPad, iPhone etc (techy detail: it is compiled to Intel machine code so can't run on an Arm processor)  - but I may be able to do a much simpler version as a multi-platform App some day.

    Please see the Mac, Mobile and Multi-Platfrom FAQs, where you also can find a mailing list to add yourself to for any developments.

If you can't run it, do check out the videos. There are lots of them to enjoy and practise with, in Video Resources, with many more videos on the youtube channel

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4/4 : 4/5: 4/3 (Brian Ferneyhough's notation) as a harmonic polyrhythm with gradually changing tempo

These rare rhythms are a much desired feature of a metronome for Math Metal and composers who work with complex polymeters. They combine ideas from rhythm phasing and polyrhythms.

Unlike normal polyrhythms, the measures as well as the beats differ in size. Played here as harmonic polyrhythms - each rhythm plays a different pitch with the pitches related to each other via the harmonic series

You have a no quibbles  Money-back Guarantee. If you decide it's not for you, for any reason, return your key within 60 days to get a full refund. 


Or download your 30 day Free Test Drive - including your free taster bounce metronome - yours to keep whether you buy it or not.

Or to continue reading about Bounce Metronome, check out the next tab: Tempo features.

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Has all the metronome tempo features for the most demanding musicians:

  • Tap in time with music to set the tempo 
    Not sure of the metronome mark to use for a song or tune? Just tap in time with it (with backspace key) and the tempo dial auto adjusts to show the correct tempo
  • Set any tempo with unlimited range, 
    The tempo dial shows a range of 24 to 208 by default - but you can also type in any tempo you like so there is no problem going outside of that range.
  • Fractional BPM
    Dp you want a tempo of 120.7 bpm? No problem just type in the desired tempo and away you go.
  • Fully customisable tempo dial
    Do you often use tempi below 24 or above 208 bpm? You can change the tempo range for the dial (and change spacing of the "notches" on the dial). Also you can customise the standard Andante, Allegro etc  tempo names on the dial - set the tempo range for each one or make your own custom tempo names with ranges.
  • Gradually get faster and slower
    Use Bounce Metronome to improve your capabilities for professionally smooth and gradual tempo changes. Also useful when you want to play the same passage over and over at faster (or slower) speeds until you can play it at tempo.
  • Automatic stepping progressions for speed drills
     Especially useful if you hit a "speed wall" in your practise and want to go past it to play faster. This gradually increases the tempo, until it is, say, 2 bpm faster, then jumps back 1 bpm, and increases gradually by 2 bpm, in a 2 steps up 1 steps down approach - professional musicians especially find this a useful exercise for increasing the maximum tempo you can play comfortably.
  • Programmable, with automatic tempo and rhythm changes. You can set it to do gradual changes as well, or a mixture of instant and gradual tempo changes.
  • Go silent briefly
    This helps you develop stable timing - metronome goes silent for a few measures then comes back on again - are you still in time with it when it comes back?
    And more, see: Tempo Dial FAQ
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These bounce visuals help you at all levels, from beginner to pro

  • When you first play with a metronome, you may well find it surprisingly hard to keep in time with the clicks. This is normal, for more about why this happens and what you can do about it, see my post "The vanishing metronome click - burying the click". The visual bounce helps you get started, and then helps to keep your practise precise and vibrant.
  • The visual bounce lets you see each beat coming. This helps you to play exactly in time in a relaxed and professional way. 
  • This also makes it much faster to learn new complex rhythms and ones with swing, uneven beat sizes, and irregular timing.
  • For everyone, the bounce continually encourages you to play more exactly in time - much as a conductor does with his baton.
    see: Why does the bounce work so well?

Find out more »

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Conducting 2/4 - Bounce helps you keep time

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Bonus Features

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Software version of Theremin's rhythmicon - you can silence or play any of the parts - here with all notes playing

With the Pro and Complete versions of Bounce Metronome, you also get a version of Theremin's Rhythmicon (with stereo pan following the notes) which you can play on screen with the mouse, or play by pressing keys on your PC keyboard.

You also get the harmonic polyrhythms - and the bounce on lyrics (just the lyrics, not synchronized with music though you can set Bounce to play chords or percussion along with them).


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Breathing space animation from Lissajous 3D, and Navigating the pacific by stars wind and waves fractal tune from Tune Smithy

You also get the Tune Smithy Fractal Tunes. This is a source for an endless variety of musical ideas - complex fractal flurries of tiny notes as intricate as snowflakes - and beautiful slow melodies - all as royalty free music to use as you wish.

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