Rhythm patterns with varied note sizes played polyrhythmically

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Double Paradiddle Played Polyrhythmically over Single Paradiddle

These are polyrhythms, with rhythmic patterns in each of the rhythms of the polyrhythm rather than just a steady beat

Who are these rhythms for?

Help you to play different patterns such as paradiddles, or dance rhythms etc. polyrhythmically.

Then the more exotic rhythms here may be of interest to the more rhythmically adventurous musicians including maybe Math Metal and composers.

You can make rhythms like this with Bounce Metronome Pro using its Drum & Dance metronome - you need to select "Play as Polyrhythm" in the droplist in it's Dance Rhythms editor (Ctrl + 228)

Polyrhythms with alternating quarter and eighth notes

These rhythms have alternating quarter note ♩ and eighth note ♪ beats in all the parts. Sometimes starts with an eighth note and sometimes with a quarter note - depends on the number of eighth notes in the rhythm. So for instance to play a pattern like this in 7/8, you need to go ♩ ♪ ♩ ♪ ♩ ♪ stating with an eighth note as that is the only way to get the right number of beats to the measure.

You can explore any pattern mixing beats of any size in all the parts of the polyrhythm. This is just an example, used as a way to show the capabilities of the metronome.