Polyrhythm Exercises - Morph from one polyrhythm to another (Video Resources)

Challenging exercises  to help you develop a steady beat and independence in all the parts.

Youtube Video

Can you play a polyrhythm morph? Changes slowly from 2:3 to 15:16, through polyrhythms like 7:5/2

If you can't do this right away, that's no surprise as it is likely to be harder than it looks :). It helps if you've practised many of the polyrhythms separately like 7:5 and 8:7 etc and also if you've practised playing a steady beat with one hand and gradually drifting from one beat to the next with the other hand (and keep going past the beat).

You can start by playing along with each part separately in this video. With a metronome, you can practise gradually drifting from one tick to another relative to the metronome in the same way (just one hand, then with the other hand playing in the pocket with the metronome). As that's also likely to be hard, you might find it helps to get used to playing in different positions relative to the click and relative to other hand first, Then after a while, it gets easy to drift between those positions.

For help with this see the Vanishing Click - Burying the Click


Playlist of them all

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For these rhythms see the Polyrhythm Morph feature.