Challenges for Polyrhythm Practice - for independence and steadiness (Video Resources)

Challenging exercises  to help you develop a steady beat and independence in all the parts.

Youtube Video

Polyrhythm 3:2 played as 2/6 : 3/4 - Nicely Mind Boggling but Simple Beginner's Polyrhythm

You can make rhythms like this in Bounce Metronome with the Polyrhythms like 4/4 : 4/3 feature

For the first video (to the right), be sure to hit three different surfaces (or notes or instruments) with right hand, and two surfaces with left hand - following this pattern of bounces. That's what makes it tricky, otherwise it is just a simple 3:2 polyrhythm.

As the rhythm gradually gets faster - how far can you get before you get confused about which surface to hit, or drop a beat? Can you get all the way to the end?

It's an exercise to help with independence and steadiness in the two hands, to play a polyrhythm such as 3:2 with a feeling of two genuinely independent rhythms in the two hands. The pattern in this first video only repeats every nine measures in the left hand and every four measures in the right hand.

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You can play all these rhythms in Bounce Metronome Pro, the software used to make these videos

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For these rhythms see the Polyrhythms like 4/4 : 4/3 feature.