Theremin's Harmonic Rhythmicon

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Version of Theremin's rhythmicon, all notes playing
with stereo pan following the bouncing balls

Sometimes called the first ever "drum machine" (though not really one in the modern sense), Theremin's rhythmicon combines polyrhythms with pitches from the harmonic series. It's based on ideas and work by the composers Charles Seeger and Henry Cowell.

The beats tempi are in the same relationships as the pitch frequencies, so e.g. the pitch at 2/1 (double the 1/1/ frequency) plays beats at double the tempo of the 1/1, the 3/1 plays at three times its tempo and so on.

So everything played on this instrument sounds harmonious. 

See also the golden rhythmicon clips in Approaching the Golden Ratio with the Fibonacci Sequence.

Youtube Video

Demo of some of the capabilities of the Rhythmicon in Bounce Metronome Pro

Youtube Video

Rhythmicon Demonstration - Theremin's original machine

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