Other Inharmonic Polyrhythms

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Diminished seventh as Inharmonic Polyrhythm
The diminished seventh is made by stacking minor thirds and in twelve equal tuning all the intervals are 300 cents (three equal tempered semitones).

The equal tempered minor third can be expressed using the fourth root of two. Four of them combine to make the octave.

Who is this page for?

Anyone interested in unusual rhythms or microtonal pitches - and the golden ratio, pi etc - composers, mathematicians, or just for fun.

What are they?

You could call these polytempi or polyrhythms or polymetrics. Anyway what you have is a steady pattern of beats with no whole number of beats in the measure.

The pitches played are in the same relationship as the rhythms.

None of these rhythms ever repeat exactly though some get very close to a repeat. E.g. the pi rhythm almost coincides to within much less than a millisecond after 113 "measures".

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Practise Tips

It's fun to play along with one of these rhythms, just playing your music with one of the beats, while the others go on in the background of your playing. Probably a good exercise to help develop steady sense of rhythm, and independence.

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