Syncopated, or beat shifted, 4 : 3 type Harmonic Polyrhythms or Cross Rhythms

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Syncopated harmonic polyrhythm 8 : 5 as 3+2+3 : 3+2, shifted by fractional beats
Pitches: 2/1 3/1 12/5 13/1 24/5 3/1 4/1 1/1

 You can make rhythms like this using the see the Harmonic Polyrhythms feature. of Bounce Metronome Pro.  With these ones there is no particular connection between the pitches and the numbers of beats per measure. I've just selected particular pitches for each part to help bring out the texture..

These are based on a technique from African Drumming. When you play a polyrhythm such as say 4:3, you can shift the rhythms so that the two rhythms meet each other at different places in the measure, not just at the measure beat. This creates a syncopated effect - a feeling that you are playing "off the beat".

These videos explore that idea further, also using an idea from Eastern European music to emphasize e.g. 8 beats as 3 + 2 + 3. You might also like these same rhythms with percussion.

Melody, or rhythm, ambiguity

When slow you may hear melodic phrases with harmonies. As the rhythms get faster you may begin to hear individual parts as independent rhythms. Sometimes you find that you join the same pitches together linearly to make rhythms and sometimes they join together with other parts to make melodic patterns. This ambiguity is what I particularly like about these syncopated, beat shifted, harmonic metronomes. 


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