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cutest metronome ever!" ... "This is a fascinating way to study nested tuplets." ... its so so fun, creative and fuuun again ... This is great stuff man...I like it!!!....Gonna test drive it...then purchase.

George Reagan Mar 27, 2014 
 2:Technique & Echo - Enjoyment, Relaxation & Precision in Metronome Technique - Bounce Metronome

Brilliant. Thank you for showing us these techniques.

MageAtYou Mar 20, 2014
5/4 with go silent for longer and longer - with Bounce Metronome Pro
its so so fun, creative and fuuun again 

FoolThe Viking Mar 18, 2014 

Your videos are my favorite!!  Hail to the inventor
I can do this on on the guitar!!!!!! Yay for me!!!!!!! Yay for Bounce!!!!!!!


I don't know about you, but this rhythm has a lot more 'catchyness' to it, if you know what I mean, definitely something that's pleasing for my ears and brain.


iVulgarThrust Mar 1, 2014
Wow :'), it's so beautiful, thank you so much for this, it was exactly what I was thinking could be done with this polyrythm.


    It's a raggy waltz by Dave Brubeck a good example of polymeter AND 3 over 2 rhythm no?

    Thanks this is really helpful. I figure that jazz waltzes are usually played like this. I will put in on infinite looper until I can feel it deep in the gut.


    This is a fascinating way to study nested tuplets.


    I have been sitting on the back porch trying to play these various clips with the guitar, just voicing a Sixth interval, and trying to get my thumb and fingers to forget they've ever been introduced to each other......who could guess playing only 2 notes for hours could be so much fun???? (and so challenging); Mac PLEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!


    I'm sitting looking at a piece of 12/8 time music and need to get a feel of the back beat. Thanks.


    Many TOOL

     Krishna Piyush Dec 24, 2013 • 11/4 odd time signature with Bounce Metronome Pro

    cutest metronome ever!


    Hello! Your research are very interesting!
    In Russia, we have big problem with feel of rhythm.
    And we have our own school education rhythmic (yet little known). Your approach is very similar to the principles of our school!) However, the basis of a sense of rhythm is the same in all the land.


    Wow, such rythm, very like.


    This has got to keep your mind sharp! This is hard stuff!


    More people need to watch your videos. This is crazy. 



    Awesome beat. In a way it sounds quite groovy. Thanks for posting this ;)


    This looks really awesome. I like the visual interpetation :)


    This is great stuff man...I like it!!!....Gonna test drive it...then purchase.


    finally learnt how to do this properly both ways!! you're the man robert - this stuff changed the game! (for me anyway!)


    Look, there’s no two ways around it—polyrhythms are HARD. Playing one beat at a time is difficult enough for some folks, but how about playing a three-count beat with your left hand and a simultaneous four-count beat on the right? Moving on to other time signatures, particularly in odd meter, doesn’t just add to the difficulty—it multiplies. 

    Until today, I had never before seen such a lucid, impressive, and concise demonstration of polyrhythms as robertinventor has assembled on his YouTube channel. His expertly-crafted visuals (created with his own software, Bounce Metronome) drive home the timing in a much more digestible manner than the best drummer you know may be capable of. All of these videos begin at a slow tempo and gradually accelerate. Play along! 

    See the full story at the PreSonus blog: 


    Al Clarke Aug 5, 2012
    Love this....


    Tim Glaser Mar 12, 2012

    Mind is blown.


    Alejandro Motta Mar 12, 2012
    Seeeeeeeee te vuelve pelotudo!!! quema mas neuronas que el whisky berreta eso!!!! ESTA BARBARO!!!


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