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Rhythm Phasing Example

This is great. I can hear ( and see!) the swing morphing through all the popular applications used music that I listen to and try to play. From ambient rhythm to flavors of jazz, rock, hip-hop, etc,. This is far beyond just attempting to "feel it". Mystery solved for finding that esoteric groove - George Reagan

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5:3 Polyrhythm with bounce visuals to help you keep time

I'd just like to say that I think this concept is fantastic! I've been a pianist for 23 years and I am also profoundly deaf. Some of the complicated polyrhythms I've encountered have led to much hand-wringing and hair-pulling (such as 5:3, 7:8, 6:8, etc). This VISUAL approach makes it SO easy to see the rhythmic interplay and to clap it until it becomes internalized. Thank you! Kyle Thomas

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Can you do this rhythm phasing challeng :). Two 6/8 patterns, one at 90 and one at 92 bpm

When I found this metronome(2 hours ago, I bought it within minutes) since then I've been tapping polyrhythms like a maniac and having so much fun! Thanks a lot for this metronome I'll be using this untill I can tap four rhythms polyrhythms with my hands and feet. It's the best way I've ever seen to visualize and help understand the polyrhythms better. Thank you so much."  hacccper

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Fibonacci rhythm - no bar pattern - highly structured but never repeats - played on harmonics

This is a great tool. We have to be grateful for your invention. Very clear to figure out. I've just crashed my old metronome into little pieces..... dvdkokoro

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5:3 Polyrhythm - with Bounce visuals to help you keep time

"Actually, a good listener Can indeed learn from this. It also show precision visually, matching sound with visual cues. I think it's brilliant."  TiphVideoArt

"I like how you've displayed the contents of this video. It's very well put together. It's a perfect way to teach rhythm, timing, pacing, and definition. This is as clear as can be. I get it now after looking at these tutorials. Thanks for making these." spiro56

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Polyrhythm 2:3:5:7:11:13

What a brilliant rhythm!EnglishOrganist

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How to play the Polyrhythm 2 : 3 : 5 : 7 bounce inside oval animation

"Wow this is hard." 14thcch

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"this is so cool!!!!! I'll keep practicing just focusing on one tempo and the other before trying both at the same time though haha" Mané Fernandes

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This is perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!!!!!!!!!  ZionAfuang

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Rhythm of Blue Rondo A La Turk ( 2+2+2+3 and 3+3+3) 

It doesn't come out very well in Blue Rondo but this video shows the unique turkish rhythm at its very best. Excellent work. nushpianist

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Syncopated harmonic polyrhythm 5:3, rhythms shifted by fractional beats

I remember reading an article that said African Polyrhythms were so complex that music theorists were having a difficult time transcribing them. I now understand how complex African rhythms are. They don't sound that complex, just highly "layered," but I now I get it. This stuff would be a nightmare to notate. duocentillion

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Time signatures for 51 measures of Stravinsky's "Sacrificial Dance" from Rite of Spring

I'm rather rhythmically challenged, so seeing famous rhythms exemplified through your Bounce Metronome really helps me. Definitely a great investment for any musician. I look forward to future updates. Keep up the great work!  PBromide

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Sound of Pendulum Wave - Bounces + Harmonics - 123 to 138 beats per measure

This is so beautiful. MattCanute</

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