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The world is changing and it is changing very fast! With the fresh new
technology, new competitors are appearing in every industry. New products are
also introduced. While many people in the industry have been
addressing accessibility issues for years, most have never given them much
thought. According to the World Health Organization, *"285 million people are
visually impaired worldwide: 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision…
In a very recent trend, all developers want to make their software visually
appealing, flashy, and eye-catching. They also want to make them easy to use.
The two goals don't have to conflict, but unfortunately what often looks good
to designers and programmers can be annoying to customers with differing
tastes and unusable for customers with eyestrain, low vision, or color

In the 21st century, when this is the current blood report of accessibility,a very few people like Robert Walker are providing accessibility in their applications. It is not only helpful, but an example to other developers.

You may think I am a mad. Why should I talk about this ugly subject? It can easily be ignored. I am Pradip Sikdar, a visually challenged student and musician from India. So, I cannot ignore the subject of accessibility. I am writing these words to convey my gratitude to Robert Walker, for making such a great tool "Bounce Metronome" and making it accessible for us.

Do I consider it one of the best metronome applications because it is
fully accessible?—No, probably not. It comes with lots of pro features
like, all time signatures including odd, any number of subdivisions, Swing
and lilt, drum rudiments, polyrhythms, additive rhythms, tap tempo,
fractional BPM, etc. The cheap price and several discount schemes make it

I will strongly encourage everyone to check out this nice tool. Believe me,
you will be amazed!

Pradip Sikdar
Clavier Productions

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