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Linux Musicians

"Bounce Metronome now fully functions under WINE!!

"Bounce Metronome is one of the most absolutely amazing and stunning music programs in existence. It starts with a deceptively simple idea that is beyond compare: the very best visualization for rhythm ever. Add to this support for complete range of swing, accents, polyrhythms, additive rhythms, huge numbers of options to adjust every detail, and some incredible harmonic just intonation rhythmic fractal evolutionary craziness at the advanced level, and much more

"The program is proprietary, but the terms of the license are exceptionally reasonable ... Furthermore, the developer is extremely friendly and responsive and this is simply every bit as ethical as can be short of being fully FLOSS. There's even discounted license rates for students or third-world low-income users.

"Nothing else compares to this and being able to use this without running Windows is a major win for Free Software and GNU/Linux!"

Roland VDrums forum

Thanks. I can always use something that will help me evolve my skill level in new and exciting ways. I get bored very easily. Besides I hate practicing rudiments. Something visual like this is intruguing enough to pacify me for a while.......maybe.

Jazz Guitar at Google Groups

"The most flexible piece of metronome software that I know of is Bounce Metronome.  The Polyrhythms function alone makes it worth the cost."

From the Woodshed

“You need to check out 'Bounce Metronome' that's the one I use. It has SOOO many features, and is super simple to use.”

Amazing Software Metronome (thegearpage.net forum thread)

"The difference with this metronome is that it has so many functions, it's mind-boggling.The Polyrhythmic Metronome is really what I am focused on right now--eg, playing 3 over 5, etc. It took me about 5 minutes to get the hang of really playing it along with the Bounce Metronome."

"I had a lot of fun with it last night, particularly after I changed the instruments to non melodic percussion (ride cymbal and closed high hat). Very nice work."

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