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I can’t stress enough the importance of not only having a good sense of time, but being a master of it (not that I am, mind you).
There is something real special about a group of Musicians who lock in together. It's almost a spiritual feeling, after a period of time playing together, knowing each other's style of playing & being really familiar with the songs, sometimes you hit a performance peak where everything that you’re playing seems to hit a zone. You don't think that you’re actually playing your instrument, you’re that relaxed & you can't stop smiling. It seems so effortless & you seem to get a natural high from the great sound that's being emitted.
When a Musician or group of Musicians have impeccable timing great things can happen.
The Bounce Metronome will help people to accomplish this great feeling of playing good/great Music together. I only wish this Technology had been around when I was a teenager.
The Bounce Metronome can benefit anyone from beginners to the professional Musician, with its many features, updated with new ideas regularly. Not only can you lock in by listening to the Click (with sounds which are changeable), you have a cool visual reference as well. I have a digital Metronome that has lights that flash with every beat, but the Bounce Metronome has a bouncing ball which can be used without sound to improve ones timing also. Musicians who struggle with Polyrhythms can also benefit from it. For the price, I find it is a great buy & an invaluable tool for any Musician no matter what instrument you play. 

Gary Evans (Australia) 22 Sep 2011

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