For Windows


Bounce Metronome is designed for all versions of XP, Vista, Win 2K, Windows 7, including Windows 7 starter, and Windows 8.

It doesn't run on Windows CE or Windows RT.

There's a beta available now for Mac, see Bounce for Mac Beta. This is for OSX only so doesn't run on iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. But it will run fine on a Macbook air or similar.

You can also run it on Lnux using Wine.

It doesn't run on an  Android or any other operating system, such as blackberry OS etc 

The simplest solution is to buy yourself a Windows machine (perhaps a small netbook, which you can get for low cost nowadays, and also very portable, an advantage for a metronome)

To add a wish for another operating system visit Mac, Mobile and Multi-Platform wishes. To find out why it's not yet supported see the Mac, Mobile and other multi-platform FAQs

There is no version yet for mobile devices either (apart from Windows netbooks). Bounce Metronome has an option to export its rhythms as videos - which may be useful for mobile devices and other video playback devices.


Bounce Metronome is for Windows Only

Bounce Metronome is designed for All versions of Windows XP, Win 2K, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Windows 7 Starter is fine.

So you can use it on any Windows PC, laptop, and nearly all netbooks. However, if you have a netbook, check that it isn't running Windows CE.

It will not run on Windows RT,  Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Pocket PC, or Windows CE. These versions of Windows have restrictions on what you can do programmatically, so I can't support them for Bounce Metronome. For details of some of these operating systems, see Windows CE (wikipedia)

If you want a stripped down version for Windows CE, Windows Mobile etc, please add your wish to the Multi-Platform wish list request.

It is no longer compatible with earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 98. The last Win 98 compatible version is 18th May 2009 (a lot has happened since then).

Sorry, no native Android or mobile devices version

 do have plans to make a stripped down version for mobile devices. However this will be a much simpler app, a different app for each type of rhythm.

See the Mac, Mobile and other multi-platform FAQs

Export Videos for other devices

Bounce Metronome has an "Export as video" feature which you can use to export videos of your rhythms (with sound) to run on other devices, such as mobile devices.

Depending on the device, you may need to find a way to convert the video to a format your device can play. You will need a Windows machine to run Bounce Metronome on to create the videos - but can play the videos on any device able to play them.

Why I can't provide an Android or mobile devices version

The thing is that it is written specifically for Windows at a low level. It can only run under Windows or in a Windows virtual machine or under Wine which lets you run Windows programs on other operating systems.

These are normally limited to Intel chips. In principle you could run Windows on Android using Wine plus a chip emulator to emulate an x86 chip. It would be slow but would work. However there are techy difficulties involved. I've seen a video of someone playing the default Windows card game programs on Android, But this was a major feat to get that far and they are nowhere near being able to run ordinary modern Windows program on Android yet.

In case of the iPad and iPhone - well some years back someone released an app on the iOS store able to run MSDOS. Then others were able to run Windows 3.1 on top of it, installed on the iPad. However this only lasted for a short time as Apple soon pulled the app from the store. So in case of iPad - then it is partly technological as for Android, but it is also a policy thing that it seems Apple don't want to permit MSDOS and Windows emulators or virtual machines on the iPad or iPhone. Though they are fine with them on OSX.

Find out more

To find out more see Development of Bounce Metronome for mobile devices, Mac, Linux etc. in the wiki.