Discount Coupons for Institutions / Multi-User

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This is handled using coupons depending on the size of your organisation. The coupons here are Trust the Shopper - choose your level of discount and get it at that price right away. No evidence required. This saves time for everyone.

This software is For Win 2K, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

What you buy is an unlock key. It is sent to you immediately when you complete the checkout.

Your key unlocks Bounce Metronome Pro, and also Tune Smithy (Complete, all tasks) on all the computers in your organisation. All all future updates of both programs are free.

The price depends on the number of seats, i.e. the number of computers or workstations you want to install it on for the organisation. It also covers all staff at a university or college. 

Click on the link to go to the buy page with the coupon already filled in.

How to choose your coupon

Educational institutions get 50% off.

VAT for Organisations in the EU

 Organisations in EU countries are required to pay VAT on top of these prices, so this gets added on to the price automatically.

Organisations in countries with low US dollar incomes (India, China, etc)

You can use these coupons: 50% off, 60% off, 70% off, 75% off, 80% off, 83% off, 85% off, 88% off, 90% off, 91% off, 92% off, 93% off, 94% off, 95% off, 96% off, 97% off, 98% off, 99% off. Choose the one that seems most appropriate to your situation. Just click on the link to go to the order page with the coupon applied (the coupons are LOWGDPPC50, LOWGDPPC60 etc).

If you need a guideline, you can base it on average income of your users in US dollars, and reduce accordingly. The idea is to make sure the price is fair for residents of any country or region of the world who want to buy the software. 

Example, organisation of less than 50 seats, with typical dollar incomes 10% of average US incomes for same job.

Since it is less than 50 seats you get 25% of the full price. But since typical incomes are 10% of those of the US,  that makes your fair price 2.5% of the full price (i.e. 10% of 25%). You can use the coupon for 98% off.

But no need to be so exact as that - it is all "Trust the shopper". So choose a discount to make the price about right for your country - and that's fine. 

Any questions or if you don't fit any of the above - for friendly help just contact

How to Use Your Coupon

Easiest way is to just click on the link above. If that doesn't work for some reason, click to go to the Bounce Metronome Order page or use the Buy button on every page

You get an opportunity to enter your coupon just before you complete the order.

Then click Update Coupon. Check that the prices have updated to show the effect of your coupon and proceed to checkout.

Why don't the coupons change the price for the CD?

That's because the material cost for the CD + postage + fees for SwiftCD have to be covered. So it can't be reduced significantly.

You don't have to get it on CD. Everything on the CD can be downloaded from the internet for free.

Do you have questions about this?

If unsure whether to get the CD, or have any questions, just contact me.