Bounce Metronome Discount Coupons for 25% to 90% off

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The discounts here are Trust the Shopper - choose your level of discount, click on the coupon which is right for you, and you can get it at that price right away. No evidence required. This saves time for everyone.

This software is For Win 2K, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

What you buy is an unlock key.

It is sent to you immediately when you complete the checkout. Your key unlocks Bounce Metronome on all the computers you use, and all updates are free.

How to decide your discount level

Click on your coupon to go straight to the order page with your discount already applied. You can use them for any orders, for the Lite,, Pro, or Complete versions and also the upgrades.

Need Help with your choice of Bounce Metronome Pro, Basic etc? See the Buy FAQs. Especially: Buy FAQs > What are the different versions I can buy?

The basic guideline is: if you need to save up to get it, then count yourself eligible for a discount, because it's meant to be easy to buy right away whatever your circumstances.

Any questions - for friendly help just contact

  • Full price
    Coupon: NONE
  • Student, teacher, or at school - 50% off
    Coupon: EDUCATION
  • Receiving Unemployment Benefit, minimum wage, or similar level of income - 75% off
    Coupon: LOWINCOME
  • Under 18 or retired - 75% off
    Coupon: UNDER18 or RETIRED
  • In difficult circumstances or income very low - 90% off 
  • Country of citizenship or residence with wages in dollars much lower than US - As a rough guide, for the Pro license,  use your income in US dollars for 2 hours work.

    Example, if you live in India unless your income in US dollars is very high for India, choose 90% off.

    If in education, retired, or under 18, or in difficult financial sitation reduce further. 

    In short, if it is a large amount to find att 90% off choose the 95% off option. If easy to find, choose the 50% or 75% off options. It shouldn't be set to such a large amount that you have to think long and hard about whether you can afford it or not.
    Coupons: LOWGDPPC90 (for 90% off)LOWGDPPC95 (95% off). LOWGDPPC50 (50% off) or LOWGDPPC75 (75% off)

Note Bounce Metronome Lite has a maximum of 75% of (because of a minimum cost per transaction) so the 90% off coupon will only get you 75% off for the Lite version.

[Sorry had to discontinue this due to fraudulent use of chargebacks: You can get the Lite license for 90% off, and the Pro license for 95% off from the alternative  Paypal Discounts order page.]

Any questions - for friendly help just contact

Customers inside the EU pay VAT

If inside the EU you will pay VAT on top of these prices, this is applied automatically by FastSpring who process the orders.

How to Use Your Coupon

Easiest way is to just click on the link for the coupon. This will take you to the order page and apply the coupon automatically.

You can also enter the coupon manually just before you complete the order.

Then check that the prices have updated with your discount, and proceed to checkout.

Why don't the coupons cover the cost of the CD?

That's because the material cost for the CD + postage + fees for SwiftCD have to be covered. So it can't be reduced significantly.

Do you have questions about this?

If unsure whether to get the CD, or have any questions, just contact me.