How to decide your discount level

  • Student, teacher, or at school - 50% off
  • Receiving Unemployment Benefit, minimum wage, or similar level of income - 75% off
  • Under 18 or retired - 75% off
  • In difficult circumstances or income very low - 90% off 
  • Country of citizenship or residence with wages in dollars much lower than US - depends on what your income is like when converted to US dollars. If it is still a large amount to find at 90% off choose the 95% off option.
    Do you need help here? As a rough guide choose the price level closest to your wages for 1 or 2 hours work. This is for your income after conversion to US dollars. If in education, retired, or under 18, use typical wages in your country and reduce by the discounts shown above.

    This helps to keep the price fair, no matter what your currency and the exchange rates. If unsure what to do - just choose whatever price feels right for you.
    The $ price for the Pro license is currently around the average US earnings for between 1 and 2 hours of work.

If you are in difficult circumstances reduce further. As a basic guideline, if you have to think  hard and save up to pay for it, then the price is too high, so give yourself a greater discount. It is meant to be at a price that is reasonably easy to find for everyone.

To get your discount just go to the Discounts page. Then select your discount for the version you want to buy. For the highest discount levels you need to go to the page to buy from PayPal directly.

Any questions - for friendly help just contact

Do you need help to decide what version?

See Buy FAQs > What are the different versions I can buy?
You can also try the software before you buy it with your free 30 day test drive with all the features unlocked. See Download page.