Bounce Metronome Box Shot

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This box shot is for illustrative purposes only.

What you buy is an unlock key, which you get instantly

What you buy is an unlock key for the software. You download this software and then use the unlock key to unlock it.

The unlock key turns the download from the free taster into the fully licensed version with all the features and metronomes.

This is a common method used for software - it removes any costs for packaging, distribution and postage.

Also means you get the product instantly. You get the unlock key as soon as you complete checkout.

Eco friendly - no paper or CDs to ship

Eco-friendly as no paper is used for packaging or for documentation, everything is done electronically.

There is an option to get it on CD but everything on the CD can be downloaded from the website, so most people don't need that option either.

Makes it possible to offer great discounts

Because there are no material costs, then it's possible to offer great discounts such as 75% or 90% off or more, something you can't do with a material product.

Help is included in the program right where you need it

The program comes with extensive documentation - but rather than include it as a paper manual which you need to leaf through to find the information you need, it is included right there in the software exactly where you need it most.

As you use the software, you can show a Help window which shows help for every tool as you use it - first as a short tool tip for the essentials - and often with more extensive help as well with tips, links, suggestions etc.

To find out more

To find out about the software, and to buy it, or get your free trial, go to the home page