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9th June - Installer now backs up old .exe file with date, so that rollback is easy to do

With this upload, the installer now makes an automatic backup of the old .exe file, with date and time. For instance the Bounce Metronome installer will copy the old "Bounce Metronome.exe" to e.g. "Bounce Metronome - Date=06(day)-06-2015 (Saturday) - Time=23-26-40.exe"

That way then rollback is easy, just in case the new update has a bug in it that affects you. Just go to the program location folder and you'll find your old .exe file still there and can run that instead. E.g. change desktop shortcut so that it links to the old version of Bounce instead of the new one.

Also fixes a bug on the Mac - that if you click on the Buy button in the program, or some of the other buttons that are supposed to open external web pages - you get an error message and no page shows up - fixed.

You can get the latest Bounce from the download page. 

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6th June - "Click to send playing style keyswitches" window and circular piano style graphics for theremin

New window that lets you send playing style keyswitches from Bounce by pressing buttons. These are often used by sample player instruments. E.g. Kontakt instruments. Lets you change playing styles, e.g. for string instruments notes that were pre-recorded as arco (just normal bowing), staccato, vibrato, tremolo, pizzicato etc.












Also have extended the new piano keyboard theremin visuals to the circular theremin (NB you can set it to use any arrangement of black and white keys and any number of keys to the octave). It's purely visual, to help you orientate yourself, the theremin still plays continuously. Though in the future I could add an option to play it discretely as an on screen keyboard.

This shows the circular keyboard set to wrap around once. So the two Gs at the left and right are the same pitch and the notes in the top half of the window are the same pitch as the notes immediately below them in the bottom half.






You can get the latest Bounce from the download page. 

To get to the mouse theremin, first you need to make sure you show melodic instruments etc in the Instruments drop menu, then you can get to it with Ctrl + 163. 


26th May - bug fixes and minor updates - and more on the mose theremin + integration with Kontakt for the mouse theremin

This upload continues with fixes and new features for the mouse theremin - also to do with getting the mouse theremin to work with the Kontakt instruments, using a new update of the Kontakt script. Plus some other bug fixes and user interface updates.

Main new features for the theremin - an option to stereo pan the notes by pitch (Or vary any other controller at the same time as you vary the pitch) 

You can get the latest Bounce from the download page. 

To get to the mouse theremin, first you need to make sure you show melodic instruments etc in the Instruments drop menu, then you can get to it with Ctrl + 163. 


6th May - Multi Tempo Theremin - with Multi Tempo Buzz Rolls, Piano Style Visuals Also Sliding Chords Harmonic Polyrhythms - Multi Strip Layout for Extra Pitch Sensitivity

Many new features for the mouse theremin -  with the Multi Tempo Theremin (Ctrl + 282) which lets you play harmonic polyrhythms as for Theremin's rhythmicon with continuously changing pitch as a theremin. Also now has a multi-row option, so you can "stretch" the pitch over several times the width of th screen to get higher pitch resolution (wth less volume resolution). As well as that, now you can show a keyboard on the screen to give visual feedback of where the pitch is in the twelve tone keyboard - this keyboard can also be configured to any other equal number of pisions of the octave or of other intervals like the tritave.

So, you can play it like a keyboard, with a continuous surface for pitch and volume sensitive depending on the position of your finger on the key - and with ability to do pitch slides. Or you can switch on the multi-tempo theremin option and play it as a harmonic polyrhythm creation instrument with continuous pitch and volume changes of any of the notes.

These new features are WORK IN PROGRESS, especially the multi tempo theremin, but enough there so you can have fun trying them out to see what they do. I'll return to these windows with another upload later on.

It's early days yet, but I think this may also be what I'll work on for my ideas for future multi-touch keyboards in Bounce Metronome and Tune Smithy as it is already very capable and the coding may be easier this way around rather than adding these capabilities to the existing on screen keyboards - will see how it goes when I work on that probably a few months from now.

This upload also fixes some issues with the new speed drills window, and has some other bug fixes and UI improvements.

This shows some of the new theremin options in use:


You can get the latest Bounce from the download page. 

To get to the mouse theremin, first you need to make sure you show melodic instruments etc in the Instruments drop menu, then you can get to it with Ctrl + 163. 

Read on for more details of the new features:

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7th April - Speed drills, Stop after, Midi In sync via a note on, minor improvements and Bug fixes

Adds three new windows to help with speed drills, to set Bounce to stop play after a set period of time, and to help with sync with notes from midi in, e.g. to set Bounce to synchronize with your DAW or Finale / Sibelius etc. You can get it from the download page.

First, the Stop After window lets you set it to stop play automatically after a given time or number of measures. The More version of this window also has an option to fade out over a given time or number of measures (gradually gets quiet until it fades to silence) and to complete the last measure (useful if you set it to play a given time period).


22nd March 2015 - Improvements in the Tempo and Rhythm progressions window, and many minor improvements and Bug fixes

Main new thing - a lot moe work on the tempo and rhythm progressions windows - both the simple and the advanced versions. No major new features - but numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. 

If you ever found that the rhythm and tempo progressions window was confusing, there's a chance this will help. Also fixes various bugs including one bug that might give you occasionally glitchy bounces that the bounce seems to "pause" momentarily.

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13th January 2015 - Bug fixes

13th January 2015,

Fixed another bug in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) . - recommended you download it if you use this window for tempo changes without rhythm changes. For details see Bug fixes.

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30th November - close to release for Mac beta - improvements in polyrhyhmic rum machine, new floating play button,

The main news this time is that it's now close to the release of the Bounce for Mac beta - if you are a Mac musician, I suggest you give it a go, as several musicians are already using it regularly - you may find it does all you need already. Then, as well as that, this upload has: a new floating play button, useful if you want a minimal interface. New arrangement of the main window with time signatures above the preset buttons. Improvements in the drum machine. Several other minor improvements, and many bug fixes. 


Am now close to release of the Bounce for Mac. Already have several musicians who use it regularly. Next stage is to contact all those who offered to beta test it to see if they turn up any issues. But you might well find it works just fine for you already. If you are interested to give it a go, you can get it here. Wineskin Bounce for Mac Beta.


The polyrhythmic drum machine, used to clear itself whenever you change any of the settings. It still does that if you change number of beats per measure, measures, or subdivisions but not if you just change how you notate the rhythm or you add extra parts at the bottom. Instead, adds a new "clear drum machine" button you can use to clear it when you want to.


Especially useful if you want a minimal interface to stop and start the rhythm while working with another program. NB on Windows you can minimize the main window while leaving this button open using Shift + minimize.



It now has the options you most often need for working with the windows such as, to close all except the main window and the window you are working with.

Also - for the main window, parts window, and 2D and 3D bounce, option to swap highlighted with next or previous part. This makes it easy to move parts to the front or back of the 3D scene, to take an example. Rhythm sounds the same, just swaps the parts without changing anything.


If Bounce freezes or crashes - something that happened a fair bit in early stages of the Mac beta testing - then next time you start up Bounce, it offers to relaunch with the same settings as before so you can continue from where you left off - a bit like the way that web browsers offer to auto recover.

So anyway, probably not that likely to happen any more, but just in case it does, you have this option.

It is a very mild kind of freeze on the Mac, because Bounce freezes inside the Wineskin. The skin continues to work as a Mac program, and then you go to the top menu and choose Force Quit, and start it up again. And if that happens, it will offer to relaunch with your settings as they were just before the crash.

Also saves Freeze projects if this happens to help with debugging, if anyone reports a freeze in the future.


To get the latest Mac beta see  Wineskin Bounce for Mac Beta. and to download the installer for Windows or for Wine on Linux, go to the download page.

Many other minor updates and a fair number of bug fixes. For details see Change Log


27th September 2014 - bug fixes - Continuing work on Mac Beta + Scales, Ta Ka Di Mi, new "Latin American" metronome type, improvements in Drum machine, etc

Upload on 27h September: minor bug fix in the instrument selection window. See Bug fixes (26th Sept).

Tp get the latest Mac beta see  Wineskin Bounce for Mac Beta. and to download the installer for Windows or for Wine on Linux, go to the download page.

Upload on 21st September: minor bug fixes - a bug to do with highlighting of keys pressed if you release sustaain key before you release the note itself - and a confusing extra tip added to some tool tips - for details see Bug fixes (21st Sept).

Upload on 8th September fixes a temporary freeze effect you can get where the bouncing balls animation stops for a few seconds when you move the mouse over the 3D bounce display. It was a bug in the hit testing code to detect where the mouse is over the 3D scene.

Also, visual issue if you use sostenuto with the on screen keyboards and then sustain, and then release sustain pedal - then sound works fine - but - it keeps the sustained notes visually highlighted until you release sostenuto pedal.

Some other minor fixes - for details see Bug fixes.

Upload on 29th August with more bug fixes (sorry forgot to write them up, will do that later).

Saturday 23rd August 2014

This upload brings as new features: the option to use Takadimi syllables for the entire measure, adds the SCALA scales archive as a droplist along with windows for making scales (tunings).

Also, adds a new Latin American "metronome type". This doesn't add anything new - it has the same latin american rhythms as before from Drum & Dance. It just makes them easier to find.

Also now you can show the droplist of your own saved rhythms in music notation in the main window for the Drum & Dance, Flamenco and Latin American "metronome types". (Same droplist is shared by them all - but in future could have, optionally, separate droplist for each one, and also have nested droplists as for the scales and arpeggios).

Also has many improvements on the drum machine and polyrhythmic drum machine layout and presentation.

Many other minor updates and a fair number of bug fixes. For details see Change Log
Also continued with bug fixing and work on the Wineskin Bounce for Mac Beta.

31st July 2014 - Continuing work on Mac Beta + Accent Curves and "Swing" Curves + Easy way to make instruments that play chord progressions and melodic sequences

31st July update - this adds a a couple of new options, "Set Pulse to match Beats per Measure in all Parts" and "Accent and "Swing" Curves Preset" to the new Accents and Swing Curves window (in beats drop menu in the pro metronome) - to make it easier to use these new features. Also adds a new option to "level out" so the beats at the beginning and end of the measure have the same volume - or the same time in case of note timings for smooth transitions from one measure to the next - if that's what you wantt.

Also continuing work on the Mac beta.  For details see Change Log.

New update of the Mac beta. Also added "accent curves" - rather cool sine wave type variation in the accents - you can do the same with the timings also as "swing" curves. Also added an easy way to make instruments that can play repeating melodic sequences or chord progressions - with a droplist of a few presets to select from. 


Faster startup - this has iIncreased size of installer by 10 MB - so takes longer to download - but leads to faster start up time every time you run it. That's becuase I changed the compression settings in the program I use to protect it from crackers and process the unlock keys to favour a faster startup over better compression.

For Windows or Linux, just get the installer from the download page and run it to update to the latest.

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