August 2017


Update September 1st 2017 - Bounce Metronome Pro

September 1st: Adds new option to the Session clock: "Run clock while rhythm is playing only". Also used larger text for the time on the clock and made a "least" version of the window without the check boxes and options in case you want to use the window itself as a clock.

Minor extra update, 31st August, This adds a "session clock" which you can find in the Options drop menu. It's just a text clock, shows the time so far in minutes and seconds (and hours if necessary) since the start of your Bounce session. It's the active time so if you use another program it doesn't count that, and only counts it if you move the mouse or keyboard or have Bounce playing. You can set how long an idle pause counts as you taking a break from practice.

You can also add it to the main window title so that it shows how long you have been practicing so far right in the title. It's a new feature and I can add extra options to it later if needed. E.g. anyone want a visual or sound alarm feature?

Also, fixes a couple of minor bugs. 

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