June 2017


Version 4.7, June 16th 2017 - Bounce Metronome Pro

I've decided to call this version 4.7, as a result of many updates with new features since version 4.6. It's a bit hard to know what to focus on in this summary as there were no really major new features. It's more to do with details and making it more polished in how it works.

So first of all, for those who use it as a practice metronome, made it easier to use the arrow keys to adjust tempo globally (actually was meant to work like that originally but had some bugs now fixed). Also added a new window to make it easy to double or halve the tempo or select from preset tempi you set up in advance. Added a new window to show the bounce rhythms as music notation (even if not made originally using music notation). For those of you who work with DAWs, added a feature that helps the exported midi file to align the notes in your DAW so that they all have the same number of midi ticks. I've also added in several windows for transforming fractal tunes from Tune Smithy which work fine in Bounce Metronome.

Also added a new option to simplify the menu, and a + drop menu with extra options specific to that window. It now highlights the buttons that open new windows and the More and Less buttons. Many other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

For details see Change Log for 16th June 2017. To download go to the download page.

I haven't yet updated the Mac beta. For now, you can do that manually and I'll do the upload soon, today or tomorrow.

In more detail:

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