October 2016


Update October 29th, 2016 - Bounce Metronome Pro

This upload has some improvements in the Speed Drills window including an option to stay at the current tempo, pausing the tempo changes - mid drill and then resume it whenever you want to. Also you can now make clusters of windows attached together which you can move around on the screen as a single unit. Then there are several other minor new features and a fair number of bug fixes as usual. I have also updated the Mac Beta to this latest version.

Added: Randomly Quieter to Humanise Chord Timings - for Fractal Tunes etc (Ctrl + 184) now renamed to "Humanize Timings and Volumes" for a more natural feel.

Added a new option to let you type e.g. 35,1 to select instrument 35 in bank 1.

Added: Polyrhythmic paradiddle with double paradiddle ! to Music Notation - Drum & Dance etc drop list

Several additions to Speed drills (simpler version) (Ctrl + 280), including a new option to stay at the current tempo, pausing the tempo changes, an option to do the Tempo step as a percentage or ratio instead of BPM, and an option "Spread evenly over" to choose how many steps there are between the first and last tempo

New feature - you can make clusters of windows attached together which you can move around on the screen as a single unit, also open them all in one go and close them all. To find this option go to any window and then to its Win drop menu and click on "ATTACH other WINDOWS to this one" and then follow the instructions in that mesage. You can then move those windows around as a single unit, also minimize them and restore them all as one unit, and if you show a window, all its attached windows get shown with it.

In the Choose Percussion and Melodic Menus  (ctrl + 157), More version of this window (available if you are in Advanced mode from the Options drop menu) there's a new option to set a bank number offset, and to set the value of the other byte in the bank message. The defaults there of 64 for the offset and 63 for the other byte hopefully will work for choosing grooves for the Yamaha MOX (will see if this works).

This upload also has a number of bug fixes. For details of the changes, see Change log and Bug fixes.

To get it, visit the download page and you can install on top of your existing version.

The Mac Beta version is now listed on the main download page and for details, the Bounce for Mac Beta download page