August 2016


Update August 31st 2016 - Bounce Metronome Pro

This is a new version now, version 4.6, and it has quite a few new features, including a graphical way to set the silent and hidden measures for the Play then silent feature,a new count in option, work on the automatic rhythm changing, and several music notation related features along with many bug fixes and smaller changes . I've been working on it since January. To get it, visit the download page and you can install on top of your existing version. The Mac version isn't quite ready yet, just want to do some testing first before doing a new Mac build. Meanwhile, if you are very keen, visit the Bounce for Mac Beta download page it gives instructions on how to update your version of Bounce for Mac from the lastest Windows release. Or you can ask me for an early Mac beta. I hope to release the Mac build in the near future.

Including: New Visual Count In window Visual Count In (Ctrl + 289). This lets you show the bouncing balls bounce several times before the rhythm starts.


New graphical interface for the option to play and be silent at selected measures and to show / hide the bounce - you can set it to display the measures polymetrically when some of the measures are of different sizes - parts 1 and 2 have shorter measures than parts 3 and 4 in this screen shot. The yellow lines show where each pattern of play and silent measures repeats. White here is silence. You left click to set a measure to played or silent and right click to set the position of the yellow line for the pattern repeats. As before you can set it so the bounces are automatically hidden / shown whenever it plays or is silent. It's just a graphical user interface into the existing feature, but it does make it easier to use in some ways and you can also expand it to show the patterns of measures in all the parts for as many measures as you like - which may go on for a long time without repeating the whole thing exactly if each part repeats after a different number of measures, or some parts are polymetric..

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