27th September 2014 - bug fixes - Continuing work on Mac Beta + Scales, Ta Ka Di Mi, new "Latin American" metronome type, improvements in Drum machine, etc

Upload on 27h September: minor bug fix in the instrument selection window. See Bug fixes (26th Sept).

Tp get the latest Mac beta see  Wineskin Bounce for Mac Beta. and to download the installer for Windows or for Wine on Linux, go to the download page.

Upload on 21st September: minor bug fixes - a bug to do with highlighting of keys pressed if you release sustaain key before you release the note itself - and a confusing extra tip added to some tool tips - for details see Bug fixes (21st Sept).

Upload on 8th September fixes a temporary freeze effect you can get where the bouncing balls animation stops for a few seconds when you move the mouse over the 3D bounce display. It was a bug in the hit testing code to detect where the mouse is over the 3D scene.

Also, visual issue if you use sostenuto with the on screen keyboards and then sustain, and then release sustain pedal - then sound works fine - but - it keeps the sustained notes visually highlighted until you release sostenuto pedal.

Some other minor fixes - for details see Bug fixes.

Upload on 29th August with more bug fixes (sorry forgot to write them up, will do that later).

Saturday 23rd August 2014

This upload brings as new features: the option to use Takadimi syllables for the entire measure, adds the SCALA scales archive as a droplist along with windows for making scales (tunings).

Also, adds a new Latin American "metronome type". This doesn't add anything new - it has the same latin american rhythms as before from Drum & Dance. It just makes them easier to find.

Also now you can show the droplist of your own saved rhythms in music notation in the main window for the Drum & Dance, Flamenco and Latin American "metronome types". (Same droplist is shared by them all - but in future could have, optionally, separate droplist for each one, and also have nested droplists as for the scales and arpeggios).

Also has many improvements on the drum machine and polyrhythmic drum machine layout and presentation.

Many other minor updates and a fair number of bug fixes. For details see Change Log
Also continued with bug fixing and work on the Wineskin Bounce for Mac Beta.

Details for "add scales windows"

The new option to "add scales windows" adds all the old scales windows from Tune Smithy to Bounce Metronome - you can use this to make meantone scales, linear temperaments, super particular scales, CPS sets and product scales. Also to import the SCALA scales archive into Bounce Metronome. Used this to import the latest version of the SCALA scales archive, in Scales Drop List (Ctrl + 110) - scroll down to More Scales droplists - and you'll find it at the bottom of the list - or (after you add the scales windows) from Scales >> Resets >> Set to SCALA scales list.

Tune Smithy has an option to search large scales lists such as the SCALA scales archive - so updated that for Bounce Metronome with a new option "Restore original droplist of scales" useful if you want to do repeated searches.

Details for option to show your saved rhythms in the main window instead of the default preset list of rhythms.

NOTE - this option is just for music notation rhythms, and for situations where you want to keep everything else, e.g. instruments, visual display etc and just change the rhythm.

It saves anything you can notate in the music notation - similarly to the preset list - and also saves your settings for music notation e.g. for auto beaming etc.

It doesn't save the instruments, visual settings, any accents you add by hand to the selected rhythm, etc. etc.

This is a start towards end goal of making it easier for the user to add lots of extra rhythms of their own in music notation, and access them easily.


If, instead, you want to save all the settings, e.g. instruments, visual settings, etc, best way to do it is to save projects from the File menu.

Then you can explore those using the "Recently visited Files and File Types" (Ctrl + 183) - and select Show folder listing.

Then you can explore the projects in a folder, just select them from the drop list, and use the "Browse for folder" to navigate between folders of projects.


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