July 2014


31st July 2014 - Continuing work on Mac Beta + Accent Curves and "Swing" Curves + Easy way to make instruments that play chord progressions and melodic sequences

31st July update - this adds a a couple of new options, "Set Pulse to match Beats per Measure in all Parts" and "Accent and "Swing" Curves Preset" to the new Accents and Swing Curves window (in beats drop menu in the pro metronome) - to make it easier to use these new features. Also adds a new option to "level out" so the beats at the beginning and end of the measure have the same volume - or the same time in case of note timings for smooth transitions from one measure to the next - if that's what you wantt.

Also continuing work on the Mac beta.  For details see Change Log.

New update of the Mac beta. Also added "accent curves" - rather cool sine wave type variation in the accents - you can do the same with the timings also as "swing" curves. Also added an easy way to make instruments that can play repeating melodic sequences or chord progressions - with a droplist of a few presets to select from. 


Faster startup - this has iIncreased size of installer by 10 MB - so takes longer to download - but leads to faster start up time every time you run it. That's becuase I changed the compression settings in the program I use to protect it from crackers and process the unlock keys to favour a faster startup over better compression.

For Windows or Linux, just get the installer from the download page and run it to update to the latest.

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27th July 2014 - Accent and Swing Curves + Easy way to make instruments that play chord progressions and melodic sequences

The accent curves feature let's you make rhythms with the accents following a smooth wave pattern. Similarly for the "swing" curves - you can find this new option in the Beats drop menu in the Pro metronome.

Also options to click and drag many notes at once for volumes - and also for times - with a probability distribution based "sphere of influence" - defaults to 20% - set this higher and your drag on one of the beats can change them all considerably.

All this is especially useful for rhythms with large numbers of beats per measure.

Also added a new option to make instruments that play a melodic sequence over and over again - or a chord progression. You'll find a drop list of examples in Instruments (Ctrl + 8) under "sequences and chords, with a few defaults set up such as the Pachelbel's Canon notes, and chords, La Folia chords, and 12 bar blues chords.

This works like the Chord Progression For Part (Ctrl + 250)  - but more flexible as you can select them into several parts at once - instead of just using them in a single part - especially useful for melodic sequences.

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