Update, 28th June 2014 - minor update, bug fix, Mac Beta

This is a minor update,  Adds some minor features - mainly - work on compatibility with the Mac - and released a public beta for the Mac. 

Minor updates

Added menu to the on screen keyboards.Added a "Win" drop menu to the menu. This has many of the same options as the system menu (Alt + space or click on the icon for the window) - but easier to access.

Added option to Wave Shape Instruments - Audio Format (Ctrl + 188) "set BOUNCE SYNC DELAY to match sample delay" - useful as a way to keep the sampled percussion in sync. with the visuals.

Mac Beta

You can read details, and if interested, download the Mac Beta here: Bounce for Mac Beta

There's a timing issue in this beta which I'm still working on, see the instructions under "Work arounds for this beta" which may fix it for you if it happens.

Screen Reader issue for the Mac Beta

Sadly, there's a major issue with the Mac Wineskin for blind users - the Mac "Voice Over" can't "see" Bounce Metronome at all, or any other program wrapped in a WineSkin as far as I can see. I'm researching into options there, to see if there are any ways around it, and if you have any thoughts at all do say!

Details here: Screen Reader Issue.


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