Update April 6th 2014 - Bounce Metronome Pro

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Symmetrical Massa Im Pippuo with go silent briefly - uses new option Compress tops of bounces towards section midpoint by

 This is mainly a bug fix upload, but with a few new minor features. It also has some new tool tips and improvements in layouts of some of the windows.

The main one is quite a major bug - that if you set it to do gradual tempo changes and set it to vary the tempo over times in minutes rather than numbers of measures - it forgets the times if you close the program and start it up again or save a project and re-open it.

The good news is that any previously saved projects will open okay - the times were saved to the project - but it just doesn't read them properly.

It also fixes some bugs to do with the tool tips - though the last upload fixd the main bug there, still sometimes you might not see a tool tip when you hover the mouse over a control - and this fixes those glitches. 

Plus a few other minor updates and bug fixes.

To update, visit the download page and you can install on top of your existing version For details of the changes, see Change log and Bug fixes.


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