January 2014


Highlight each block as its played - Other Minor updates & Bug Fixes - Latest update 12th March 2014 - BounceMetronome Pro

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4/4 - Highlight each beat - with new option to fade at the end of beat

This is a minor tweak but it seems to help to synchronize with the metronome.

Minor update 23rd March: bug fixes

Minor update on 12th March - very minor update - several bug fixes

Minor update on 5th March - several bug fixes. Also now has a separate drop menu for skins and other very minor changes.

Minor update on 24th February  - various bug fixes, also now defaults to outline the area for the right click to change the instrument for individual beats - with faded dashed line - so not too obtrusive but makes it easier to find the feature. See  Change Log and  bug fixes

Minor update on 9th February - mainly bug fixes.

26th January 2014I just added an option to fade the highlight lines away at the end of each beat - and at the same time they also get narrower. See what you think.

The version I uploaded yesterday already does this, am about to do another upload in the next day or so with very minor tweaks to it.

For details of changes and previous versions, see: Change Log and  bug fixes